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‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

That old adage may never be truer than in the case of the once-invincible Charlie Rangel, the colorful New York legislator who suddenly finds himself in a situation similar to the legendary congressman he ousted forty years ago. Not surprisingly, the embattled Harlem lawmaker who stepped down as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee earlier this year…

Flashback Friday: George H. W. Bush Gives Up the Ghost

Thirty years ago this week George H. W. Bush ended his grueling two-year pursuit of the presidency at a news conference in Houston. In a carefully prepared 750-word statement on May 26, 1980, Bush said that he was abandoning his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, not only in light of the current delegate count, […]

Video: Andre Marrou on Larry King Live in 1992

When you think of Larry King and the 1992 election, your mind immediately goes to Ross Perot’s many appearances.  But another third party candidate appeared on all 51 ballots and also made an extended appearance on Larry King.  That man was the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Andre Marrou, a former Alaska State Representative and Ron […]

75 Years Ago This Week: Gertrude Stein Endorses Huey Long for President

Declaring that “Roosevelts come and go, but Longs go on and up forever,” Gertrude Stein, the expatriate writer and poet living in Paris where she had befriended Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway and other prominent figures in the arts and literary world, surprised the nation’s political pundits 75 years ago this week when she endorsed Louisiana’s Huey P. Long […]