Carol Moseley Braun Mounts Political Comeback in Chicago Mayoral Race

Mounting an unexpected political comeback, former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois filed nominating petitions bearing 91,180 signatures for a place on the February 22 primary ballot in her bid for mayor of Chicago. Only 12,500 valid signatures are required.

Collected over a two-month period and filed with the city’s board of elections on Monday, the signatures are believed to be the largest number ever gathered by any candidate in such a short period. Monday was the first day to submit nominating petitions.

Moseley Braun, the first and only African-American woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate, is one of a half-dozen candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor.

She is expected to formally declare her candidacy on Saturday.

The 63-year-old former U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand said that she hopes to raise $2 million for her mayoral campaign. She recently hired Mike Noonan, a former political aide to powerful Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan (D-Chicago), as her campaign manager and appointed Victor Reyes, a co-founder of the city’s Hispanic Democratic organization and close ally of Mayor Richard Daley, as a senior adviser.

The former senator has also enlisted the support of longtime African-American political veterans Louanner Peters, a deputy governor in the Blagojevich administration, and 78-year-old Howard B. Brookins, Sr., a former state senator who reportedly took charge of her campaign’s recent petition drive.

Following her stinging defeat in her bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate in 1998 — a bitter and contentious contest she lost narrowly to wealthy businessman Peter Fitzgerald, who spent nearly $12 million of his personal fortune on negative television ads mercilessly hammering the incumbent for meeting with the Nigerian dictator — Moseley Braun, who was recovering from the effects of pneumonia, indicated that she had had enough of politics and had no plans to run for public office again.

Reminiscent of the late Eugene McCarthy, who had once campaigned for her, she told the press that she wanted to take some time off and plant some tulips.

She later had a change of heart and briefly sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, the same year that little-known State Senator Barack Obama captured the U.S. Senate seat she once held.

By then, Moseley Braun had her sights on bigger and better things.

The country’s first female African-American senator boldly tried to do what no other person in American history had ever accomplished, becoming not only the first African-American president, but also the first woman to occupy the White House.

As a former ambassador and U.S. senator, she calmly stated that she was the most qualified Democrat in the race. She ran as a fiscal conservative opposed to the war in Iraq. “I believe we should not go to war unilaterally and I’m very clear that we shouldn’t have budget deficits,” she said.

Unlike some of her Democratic rivals that year, she wasn’t afraid to criticize George W. Bush and intrepidly savaged his administration for playing on people’s fears. “Duct tape is not a substitute for diplomacy,” she asserted.

“If the American people respond to my message and to my candidacy, then it will be a viable one,” she said in announcing her exploratory committee in early 2003. Unfortunately, they didn’t respond. Struggling to raise money, the former diplomat dropped out of the race in January 2004 and threw her support to Howard Dean.

Moseley Braun clearly faces a daunting, uphill battle against former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, regarded by many as the prohibitive favorite in the mayoral race.  But she’s been in difficult races before, not the least of which was her successful 1992 primary challenge to a sitting U.S. Senator of her own party.

Emanuel, who had already amassed a considerable campaign war chest — much of it from Chicago’s business community — before jumping into the race, officially announced his candidacy on Saturday during a speech at a North Side elementary school gymnasium.

A recent poll commissioned by the local Chicago Teamsters affiliate shows Emanuel as the early frontrunner in the contest to succeed outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Emanuel leads the field of six likely mayoral contenders with 36 percent of the vote, followed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, an aging, eight-term member of Congress, with 14 percent and former Sen. Moseley Braun with 13 percent. 

According to the poll, Moseley Braun has the highest name recognition in the field, but at 48 percent her favorability numbers lag behind most of the other contenders.

Former Chicago Board of Education President Gery Chico, who lost a bid for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination to Barack Obama in 2004 — garnering a dismal four percent of the vote despite spending nearly $4 million — and has dubbed himself the “Anybody but Rahm” candidate, polled 10 percent in the poll.

Chico, who once served as Mayor Daley’s chief of staff, has called Emanuel a child of privilege with little in common with Chicago‘s working class. He has reportedly raised $950,000 — a drop in the bucket compared to Emanuel’s overflowing campaign coffers.

State Sen. James Meeks and City Clerk Miguel del Valle brought up the rear, garnering seven and four percent, respectively, in the poll.

This is a race worth keeping an eye on. One gets the feeling that we haven’t heard the last of Carol Moseley Braun.


  1. Austin Cassidy says:

    Going to be a very interesting race!

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    “Independent.” Not currently coming off of Democratic persuasion, but that is most specifically as regards the National Scene. Very strongly prefer Ambassador/Senator Carol Moseley Braun over Emmanuel. Essayist and playwright with a university affiliation as academic assistant abutting Chicago and in the City across from the Art Institute. Incident in question concerning Nigeria is garbage, as it was then. Even in most strained situations, there has to be some “talk” going on, and a (Black) Senator was best qualified and may have had a better overall chance of productive communications. Google me at “Mark V. Basile” to see what I have in print, though I was not Democratic on the National Scene for the Mid-terms. Sincerely, MVB.

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    I like reasonable relationships to forums, overall, so you are a face not simply preaching but trying to simulate talk through tech. Joliet, was in simpler times, my Croatian Grandparents’ get-away-from-it-all spot. From the mass quarries in Lyons, and the Croatian ‘ghetto,’ they visited and shopped every week or two. Chicago Metro was much more open in the 1960’s. Frank and Mary Plesha-Polich (born: Indiana) ran a butcher shop, Grandpa was an employee of the Postal Department for a while. BIG on Chi Sox. MVB. (Cal state of art, ‘run down’ or ethnically cohesive: Ref.)

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    “Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun has given her mayoral bid a big but potentially controversial boost — by signing a pair of seasoned campaign architects with winning track records and close ties to Mayor Daley and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

    The surprise hiring of Victor Reyes — Daley’s onetime political enforcer and Hispanic Democratic Organization chieftain — and Mike Noonan, a former Madigan political aide, could allow Braun to climb into the top tier of mayoral candidates.”

    (Have closely read LaFollette. Much thanks. A little under the radar at Cal, but an outstandingly “good” name.) Sincerely, Mark

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    (Slight modification, intro esp., of published review at

    Local Scholar Joanne Koch Co-Edits Anthology Of Drama On Blacks And Jews

    Shared Stages successfully attempts the improbable, the construction of a dialogue on the tragic histories of, the common struggles among, and the regrettable antagonisms between two groups of peoples who have known persecution and enormous suffering in the 20th Century and deep into history. (State University of New York Press, Albany, 2007).

    Perhaps likely to be forgotten by many in the wake of Louis Farrakhan’s initial anti-semitism and the tragic ongoing battle of emotions and arms at Judaism’s core in the Middle East, was the flocking of Jewish activists and lawyers to the South in the teeth of the civil rights movement. This partnership is captured symbolically and in drama in “Soul Sisters” by a Jewish civil rights singer of African-American songs Sandra Langley, who befriends a Black waitress in 1967, Cleo Williams, who eventually supercedes Sandra as a civil rights singer. “Soul Sisters” is a heart-warming musical play about friendship which transcends race, trauma to the friendship, with a reuniting partly around the protests against apartheid in South Africa. After undergoing a period of professional and personal breakdown, Sandra finds her own cultural roots in the rich heritage of Judaism. “Soul Sisters” was written by Dr. Joanne Koch of Evanston, Illinois with the recently deceased Sarah Blacher Cohen, also co-author of Shared Stages. Dr. Koch has a wonderful youth musical on the market now, set in Poland and involving young love and the “klezmer” band: Flying Feathers. I enjoyed it a great deal! My sister who has been close to the arts scene for years now while pursuing her own profession called it: “well-constructed, well-designed, and well-written.” 3/7/10. Wish I had better words myself.

    Another moving play is “Medal of Honor Rag” by Tom Cole which featured a troubled Black Vietnam veteran and his Jewish psychiatrist. A highlighted social message concerned the grim realities on the battlefield and back home facing ordinary heroes and victims of the Vietnam War. In one intense moment, the psychiatrist revealed that he and his patient had one enormous fact in common, they both suffered from “survivor’s guilt” — the deep questioning of why others had died and they had survived. For the veteran, it was the guilt over his own survival where his whole tank crew had perished. For the Jewish psychiatrist, it was the loss of his entire family to the terrors of the Holocaust where he had survived by the fortunes of a patron who was willing to pay a great sum to have a number of internees released.

    Anna Deavere Smith described a scene of probable accidental automobile death of a Black youth at the hands of a Rabbi’s driver and an ensuing racial flare-up between Jews and Blacks in Brooklyn in “Fires in the Mirror” in Shared Stages. There was violence, even pro-Hitler slogans were chanted by angry Black crowds. Innovative multiple perspectives were utilized by the author. In this setting, well-known Black activist Angela Davis was moved to say that it was time for a new sense of “community.”

    Alfred Uhry who won the Pulitzer Prize for his “Driving Miss Daisy” covered a period of 1948-1973 in his play. An evolution in the relationship between Black chauffeur Hoke and the elderly and well-to-do Miss Daisy, a Jew, occurs from simple
    subordinate/employer to a real friendship which bridges race and the period of the civil rights movement. At one point of time even Daisy’s son, who had hired Hoke, avoided going to a banquet honoring the Reverand Martin Luther King for fear of how it might reflect upon his business relationships in Atlanta, whereas Miss Daisy proudly asked Hoke as a friend to be her guest at the banquet.

    Shared Stages – Highly Recommended
    Review by Mark V. Basile, Berkeley/NLU, Skokie-Chicago, graduate student and academic assistant.
    June 17, 2009/March, 2010

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    — My Draft
    — Public Relations Informations, My “job” at NLU. Also co-facilitation on-floor with executive administrative assistant Essie Dominguez.
    — Assistant to Head of MSWC Program, Dr. Joanne Koch, fall 2008 –
    — This item was, when in finished form with Dr. Joanne, intended for multiple Web site postings to advertise regional creative productions; another part of my job.
    — Dawn is a personal friend of my boss and from time to time confidante Dr. Koch. Within the month, my brother was the winner of 2 Midwest Emmy Awards; prior, 6 Telly’s. (Bob Sirott narator – Italo- wing.)

    Tribune Columnist And WTTW and National Public Radio Commentator Dawn Turner Trice To Lead June 27 NLU Writing Workshop

    Columnist, media commentator and author Dawn Turner Trice, the pride of Will County, will be leading a writing workshop on Saturday, June 27 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at National-Louis University’s downtown Chicago campus. Dawn Turner Trice’s workshop “Writing Your Truth” will be a part of NLU’s Writers’ Week launching Tuesday night, June 23, with author and Tribune cultural critic Julia Keller, followed on Thursday night, June25, by investigative reporter John Conroy, and concluding with Trice on Saturday morning, June 27 and screenwriter and former cast member on “Saturday Night Live” Tim Kazurinsky on Saturday afternoon.

    In addition to her regular column at the Chicago Tribune, Trice is the moderator of its online forum “Exploring Race.” She is the recipient of the 2008 Studs Terkel Media Award and has won two Illinois Arts Council awards, an American Association Alex award and a 2006 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. One of her novels, Only Twice I’ve Wished for Heaven, is being made into a movie.

    The public is invited”

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    ‘My Job.’

    Samples of Great Plays andMusicals Dramatizing Identity Challenges

    Chicago area playwright Joanne Koch’s charming new musical “American Klezmer,” about 1910 immigrant musicians,will be sampled with works by James Sherman, Aaron Freeman, Ami Dayan andothers from around the country in the November 14th “Shpiel Showcase,” 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Center On Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted inChicago. Tickets are only $10.00 if you order at the (At the door, they’re $15.00.) This Shpiel Showcase array of exciting excerpts from contemporary plays and musicals focuses on religious, ethnic and racial identity conflicts.

    Yuri Lane’s hip hop performance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “From Tel Aviv to Ramallah, A Beatbox Journey,” “To Paint the Earth” by Daniel Levin and Jonathan Portero setting to music the desperate struggle during World War II of the Jewish Underground in the Warsaw Ghetto, and Todd Logan’s “Defamation,” dramatizing the clash of African Americans and Jews in a real estate transaction are among the other shows featured. Emceed by Second City Improv Artist Aaron Freeman, this showcase is part of the Association of Jewish Theatre Conference, November11-14, bringing to Chicago directors, producers and playwrights from Europe, New York, L.A., Denver, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Toronto and beyond..

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    Off my “save.”
    Handed to me by Dr. Joanne as Timmy’s standard BIO.
    In no way confidential.
    Reprinted,; SEARCH, (cite).


    Tim Kazurinsky got his show biz start at Chicago’s own Second City Theatre. Movie appearances include “Neighbors”, “Somewhere in Time”, and three “Police Academy” films. A former cast member of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, Tim returned home to Chicago to co-write such screenplays as “My Bodyguard”, “About Last Night…” “The Cherokee Kid” and “For Keeps”. He was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award for his screenplay for “Strange Relations”, starring Paul Reiser, Julie Walters and Olympia Dukakis. But Tim still loves performing and has recently done guest star roles on “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM”, “STILL STANDING”, “ACCORDING TO JIM”, “ROLL BOUNCE” and Jeff Garlin’s “I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH.”. Tim lives in Chicago with his wife, Marcia, their two amusing children, and way too many pets.

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    “Original.” A+ outstanding.
    Mandatory classroom reading Advanced Expository Writing, NLU, 2009 and 2010.
    University Publication, edited lightly, MOSAIC, honor’s annual Master’s magazine, summer 2009.
    NLU; Chicago Metro, Alexandria, Virginia/DC, Poland.

    A Gang-Mugging and Recovery from the Labyrinth.
    Mark V. Basile, October 2008

    I was hardly a hero, nor did I triumph, after being viciously gang-mugged in the underground downtown Chicago Washington Tunnel around midnight in October of 1986. I was fortunate enough to have even survived. Yet I will have the hubris to compare myself to Theseus and my struggle, lost in the morass of fury and questions after the attack, to that hero’s battle to emerge from the labyrinth on Crete.

    A labyrinth is defined as a place constructed of or full of intricate passageways and blind alleys. Theseus, the greatest of Athenian mythological heroes, entered such a labyrinth, among his many heroic ventures, to do battle with and triumph over the Minotaur. The Minotaur possessed the body of a man and the head and horns of a bull. It ate its Athenian victims as they wandered lost in the labyrinth – until it encountered Theseus. (See:Grant,Michael and Hazel, John, Who’s Who in Classical Mythology, Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York, 1973).

    Washington Tunnel, although not technically a labyrinth, was part of a network of underground passageways connecting the Blue Line train, which semicircles from the Southwest side to O’Hare Airport, past the subway portion of the north-south Howard-95th Avenue Red Line train. I was on my way back home from visiting my elderly grandfather in Lyons, near Berwyn, to my modest studio on Chicago Avenue.

    The force that attacked me was as powerful as the mythological Minotaur. After enduring twenty to thirty minutes of hundreds or thousands of blows to my face and torso, being tackled from behind in a headlock by one of the five to six gang members, I retreated from Washington Tunnel to the Blue Line and its access to the street above. My passage to the underground exit to the Red Line, which would have taken me directly home, was blocked, like a blind alley in a labyrinth, by the young ruffians.

    Almost bent over double in pain, I stumbled through the mile walk to the Clark Street Police Station to report the crime. Most probably knowing the impossibility of apprehending the offenders after such a lapse of time, the Police Officer on duty merely told me to go to the bathroom to wash the heaps of blood off of my face, took a cursory statement from me, and then told me to go home.

    I had withstood the monstrous beating, but I was still traumatized. What ensued was indeed a real labyrinth, or maze, not only of physical pain but also of emotional and mental oscillations. Along with a weight gain of over fifty pounds and weeks of pain, was my temporary facial appearance somewhat akin to a boxer who has been knocked out over a dozen times in his career. But even as I physically recovered, I lived through an emotional maze of feelings in which race animosities and resentments did battle with intellectual admonitions not to overgeneralize on the basis of a specific incident. My progressive outlook was challenged as never before, with my appreciation for ethnic diversity and empathy for the less-fortunate in society temporarily in jeopardy.

    Nevertheless, through my pains and resentments, I was able to follow a guiding ‘thread,’ as Theseus’s lover Adriadne had given him to find his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. The thread being of long-standing memories and current acquaintanceships which bridged cross-ethnic divides. These memories also helped me to focus in on the mental understanding that urban Black on Black violence, even killings, were much more prevalent than such of Black on white.

    Among many warm memories were those of my musical performances with the Frank Derrick Big Band. Frank, who was a former sideman with one of the famous big bands (I think Duke Ellington), used all Black performers with the exception of two whites, the lead trumpeter Guy Fricano and myself on second alto sitting next to Frank. Frank Derrick had numerous “gigs” locally, including the yearly cotillion at the Conrad Hilton Grand Ballroom for the young Black debutantes’ introduction to Black society. I was priviledged to be a regular part of that event and enjoyed considerably the professionalism and comraderie of other jobs with Frank. I also benefitted from and enjoyed performance in the mixed ethnic Chicago Music School Big Band of Roosevelt University. I performed also in a funk/soul band in which only the bass player and myself were white. The nine to ten Black instrumentalists and singers in this band had the habit of keeping each other loose by referring to each other by the “n” word. Although this amused me, I did not follow this practice.

    One other “thread” which guided my way back from the inner core of the labyrinth of racial animosities was my memories of studying Black history and being a teaching/assistant/grader for a social history class a U.C. Berkeley. My empathy for the poor, working class individuals and Blacks in their struggles for uplift and civil rights was revived.

    So unlike Theseus, I was hardly victorous on the night of the mugging itself. But I survived . Indeed, to this day I remain more circumspect upon the approach of rough looking youths or young adults on the street, with two permanent darkened areas under my eyes as an ongoing reminder of the true reality of street violence. Nevertheless, I did in fact triumph over my own ensuing battle with a metaphoric Minotaur, race animosity, to recover fully my progressive outlook and appreciation of ethnic diversity.

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    Found Bronzeville, 3500’s, Sox Park. Can do in personum plus you have my e-mail. (847)-674-2913. A public number, in the book.

    We’re timely. Saturday announcement, Nov 20. Will be at University of Chicago Law, MHAI with Clinical Law Professor Mark Heyrman Mon. on East Lake, downtown, take the Red Line. As I do to NLU at 122 S. Michigan where also my play “Translucent Midnights” had its first performance in the summer of 2009, NLU rework with triple MIT review from 1991 (1992, “fascinating,” 1993, “liked,” 12/09, “impressive.”) WIKI, father of modern linguistics, 1990’s Trib – #7 in world citations. I don’t contact the New York Times, as a Cal “reader” we regarded it as ridiculous. November, 2009, Theatre Building Chicago, Belmont by Racine.

    Favorite Chicago food, couple times a year drop down from Skokie, “Little Poland.” Jolly Inn. Buffet. Absolutely splendid, +/- $8. Irving by Naragansett.

    Have Paul Simon “letter.” 1/10/93. 20510-1302. Thanks me for reading his book, among other things. Personal invite to see him at Bunker Hill in Niles, he got sick, so his wife came. Beautifully personable, everybody loved her. This must have been before I produced the finished copy of Spring Pictures, May 1993, reg: Library of Congress, blind and physically disabled access, because my “private print” copy says Salem Avenue, Arlington Heights. That is, I seem to recall my referred to personal invitation referred to coming from poor Nicholas Blase, Mayor, and City Party Chair. (He served virtually 50 years before he stumbled.) NDHS/Niles, Class of 1973, Salutatorian.

    Sincerely Yours.

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    Sorry — I ran under pen name from 89-1994/95. M. Vincente.

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    12:30 pm. Just back from brunch at parents’ with sister. Took with her an African art carving Dad had made at his Thusday Senior Club numerous months back. Mark.


    [Ambassador Braun; New Zealand, American Samoa] announce candidacy for mayor at noon
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    Carol Moseley Braun
    Miguel Del Valle
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    Minority Groups Jenn Sullivan

    WGN News

    November 20, 2010
    E-mail Print Text Size wgntv-carol-moseley-braun-running-for-mayor-nov20
    CHICAGO — Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun is expected to formally announce her candidacy for mayor today. Braun is scheduled to make her announcement at noon at the lakefront Northerly Island. That’s the site of the old Meigs Field airport which was shut down by Daley and turned into a nature preserve.

    Monday was the deadline for hopeful candidates to turn in the required 12,500 signatures needed to be placed on the mayoral ballot and Braun said she had over 91,000 signatures.

    In 1992, Braun became the first African American woman elected to the Senate. She currently runs an organic food company.

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    Dear Sirs and Madames, August 2009

    This play is a tragic love story between two Lesbian ‘main characters’ caught in the grips of homelessness in the late winter of 1991. It is a serious treatment, literally and symbolically, of the difficulties facing Lesbian (and gay) couples, and it has some significant review although it has not been published. The play has both light and dark sides, conflict and love. “Translucent Midnights” did have a stage reading at National-Louis University last month, and a DVD should be available within two or three weeks. It is only 20 pages long and does not have complicated staging needed, so it can add a relatively brief serious start an evening of theater entertainment.

    Your repertory theater is the first I have sent this ‘new’ play out to, though I do plan on sending it to Windy City Media Group if I do not hear back from you in some manner by next week. I have not done a diligent job of trying to have this play published or produced since I first wrote it in 1991, but with this 2009 rewrite under the guidance of regionally and nationally awarded playwright Dr. Joanne Koch, I hope to find production through your theater group. A screenplay of “Translucent Midnights” is also completed in the event that you like this play (upon which Dr. Koch an Emmy winner commented that she “really like(d)” it) and would like to take it a step further; the screenplay is set in the late winter of 2009 and contains some additional elements which may be of interest in consideration of the play.

    Sincerely, Mark V. Basile, Skokie,IL (847)-674-2913

  15. Your Comments

    Moseley Braun announces: Associated Press, Wall Street Journal.

    ” … She likely will have to address some past miscues that raised questions about her judgment, including a highly criticized visit with a Nigerian dictator [Nigerian ruler’s son’s death] when she was a senator and never-proven accusations about misused campaign money.

    [Nigeria oil rich, allegiance/alliance and National Economic Security issues.]

    Absent from the political scene for six years and having previously referred to herself as a “recovering politician,” Ms. Braun has to reintroduce herself to voters in the mayor’s race.

    “My job is talking about and describing a vision for the future. A vision of what we’re going to do now. Like I said, Chicagoans are very practical people. They’re a lot more interested in what is going to happen than what happened last week,” she said during an Associated Press interview earlier this week.

    Ms. Braun said her business experience running a small company that specializes in coffee, tea and spices should be a plus with voters because she has had to work hard to weather the recession that has battered businesses, both big and small.”

  16. Your Comments

    Daniel Biss has a Harvard BA and an MIT PhD. He has taught variously, including “at-risk” CPS children. When policy advisor to the Governor in 2009, he “reviewed” me strongly on stress, trauma and PTSD, et. As a pro-life Democrat, his team asked me to write the news release on “choice” on behalf of team Biss, which was unanimously endorsed by the office and subsequently published in 10/08 in the Skokie Review. Daniel lives in Evanston with his wife, studying for her PhD in History at Northwestern and their two children. Daniel is under age 35, and has already completed “in good standing” an Associate Professorship at Midwest #1 overall, private, cost-prohibitive.

    You’re welcome!

    Thanks for your help,

    On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Mark V. Basile wrote:
    Thank you for your letter which I received reminding me to vote at Ezra Habonim at 4500 West Dempster.
    Best Regards, Mark V. Basile (847)-674-2913

    On 11/3/10 3:08 PM, Daniel Biss wrote:

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks to your hard work and commitment, I’m thrilled to report that we won yesterday’s election! I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort and energy you put in to make this happen.

  17. Your Comments

    Dr. Paul Gross, NLU and myself have had professional and personal contacts with Prairie Crossing, Grayslake in Lake County concerning organic farming, organic foods and recipes and some wonderful childrens’ farm activities

  18. Your Comments

    National-Louis University
    September, 2009, John Conroy and Joanne Koch, PhD
    Mark V. Basile


    A hate crime against a gay or a lesbian is considered a sort of aggravated felony. Just this year, the U.S. Senate is calling for the federal death penalty for hate crimes as a part of the Department of Defense authorization bill. But this sort of attention to violence against gays and lesbians and other ‘marginalized groups’ has not historically been the case. Nevertheless, it is increasingly evident that legislation is necessary to interdict the number and increase in number of violent crimes against persons on the basis of their sexual orientation.

    The F.B.I. under the Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990 has been gathering specific data which buttresses the need for increased attention to and legislation concerning violence against gays and lesbians. Whereas in 2005 there were 1,171 hate crime offenses based on sexual-orientation (that were actually reported to law enforcement), in 2007 there were 1,460 of such hate crimes reported. For further information see the F.B.I.’s Overview of Hate Crime Statistics. To break down the numbers somewhat, in 2005 60.9 percent of the reported hate crimes were anti-male homosexual in nature and 15.4 percent were anti-female homosexual. In 2007, the figures were more or less the same with 59.2 percent of the hate crimes classified as anti-male with 12.6 percent being prompted by an anti-female homosexual bias. The momentum, at least since 2007, has been to pass Federal Hate Crime Protection for GLBT People, nevertheless the following states since 2001 have passed legislation which includes sexual orientation in their hate crime laws: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan (data collection only), Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

    Although murder is non-gender specific and does not thereby have any particular ramifications with respect to anti-male or anti-female violence, battery and rape against females can be especially devastating. Harvard Medical School’s Web site includes falling victim to a crime as among the “environmental factors” which can result in mental illness or even sustained “serious mental illness.” This can also translate into “trauma.”
    A traumatic experience itself is defined by the psychiatric diagnostic manual as one which involves a threat (or reality) of death, serious injury or damage to physical integrity which inspires fear, helplessness or horror; the victim may directly experience the event or witness it. In Harvard Mental Health Letter, 24(2):1-4, August, 2007 citing DSM-IV-TR. Indeed, trauma can cause mental health problems even PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) where one is exposed to an “extremely stressful event such as rape, combat, natural disaster or a concentration camp,” according to the Surgeon General’s Web site, Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General, Chapter 2. (See also Mark V. Basile on Trauma and PTSD in (Illinois) site under keyword “Basile”). Almost 18% of the 10 million women who were victims of physical assault have PTSD according to a featured center for WebMD, “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and 9/11.” Symptoms of PTSD include reliving the trauma as nightmares or during the day, enhanced reactions to stress, increased psychiatric hospitalizations – even suicide.

    Hate crimes can find their genesis in the actions of “hate groups,” moreover, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Those who belong to a “hate group” may advocate violence on the basis of race, ethnicity or ‘some other immutable characteristics.’ The SPLC does however see some non-violent hate being protected under freedom of speech where that activity includes “marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.” See SPLC Web site.

    There should be no question, however, when it comes to violence – perhaps even intimidation, and the U.S. Congress is and has been poised to act. In September of 2007 60 Senators overrode a Republican filibuster to attach to the 2008 DOD authorization bill the Matthew Shepard Act to give the federal government more jurisdiction to include in the prosecution of hate crimes those against gay, lesbian and transgender victims. ABC NEWS, Z. Byron Wolf, “Senate Extends Protections to Gays, Lesbians in Hate Crimes Act,” Sept.27, 2007. Matthew Shepard was a gay Wyoming college student murdered in 1998. Co-sponsor of the bill, Ted Kennedy, gave an impassioned speech from the Senate floor. “Hate crimes are increasing … not diminishing,” Kennedy said. “Local officials do not have the tools to deal with the most vicious kind[s] of attacks.” Disability would also be covered. “We should be attacking the problems of hatred at home,” Kennedy continued, “like we are attacking the problems of hatred abroad.”

    Shepard’s parent’s stated that they were humbled that the bill carried their son’s name. “Today’s (Thursday’s) Senate vote sends a bold and unmistakable message that violent crimes committed in the name of hate must end,” wrote Judy and Dennis Shepard. “The bill is a fitting memory to (Matthew’s) memory and to all who have lost their lives to hate.”

    Upon change of Administrations, such expansion of hate crime protections to include sexual orientation, gender expression, gender and disability was picked up by Congress again. Hopes were high for LGBT legislation shortly after the inauguration of Barack Obama, Michael A. Jones (Communications Director for the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School), Gay Rights, 11/9/08. Indeed this year the Federal Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. A similar and corresponding bill is now before the U.S. Senate just as Health Care looms large.

    Still, it is not universally agreed that the death penalty is the most humane, maybe not even the most effective deterrent against crime and hate crimes. “Capital punishment is state-sponsored brutality that perpetuates violence rather than ending it,” said Rea Carey the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund Executive Director. “It is critical that the death penalty be stripped from the DOD authorization bill. It is long past time to send a clear and unequivocal message that hate violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people will no longer be tolerated – but it must be done in a way that saves lives, not ends them.” July 20, 2009.

    By Mark V. Basile, essayist and playwright. Extensive discussion of the values, brilliant scholarship and problematic nature of MIT’s Noam Chomsky discussed in ¾ hour car ride with Dr. Joanne from Howard Station to Lisle. Just prior in June, John had asked me to join work/study colloquium for Writers’ Week, but inasmuch as he had had me doing half an hour of essential clerical for the workshop directly for himself, he quickly understood that I was ‘on assignment’ and couldn’t take part in studies per se. In actual class, however, John seemed to realize that I had a personal experience with racially charged violence against myself, ‘Labyrinth’ edited a bit unfortunately on the net, and he quickly pointed out to me that the Hate Crimes Bill was dropping in Congress, with an actual extension to include seniors and the disabled. John was published in a Chicago staple concerning a tremendous iron pipe beating he took while riding his bike back from work to Oak Park.An investigation of race as a factor ensued. Subsequent, Conroy may have been aware of Homeland Security considerations when he suggested application of (urban) “terrorism” categories to describe certain gang violences. Law develops sometimes as a response to realities or circumstances, in 1986 when I was almost killed by 5-6 member ‘gang violence’ and that was all we could call it, in the early 1990’s pursuant to Federalism Illinois passed a Hate Crime Act, terrorism needs no amplification as concerns the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania fields, but domestic terrorism is abundantly entrenched in our NAFTA partner Mexico where drug lines, cartel protections, gross intimidations by violence of Police and Law enforcement by cartels – even wholesale take-overs of towns by drug lords are manifest. Cross-ethnic considerations need be made as concerns drug lines’ protections and urban ensconcements in the US.
    “This is a wonderful article … I am very passionate about hate crimes against gays/lesbians … Great work!!” 9/23/09. Head of Disabilities and Equities in Education PhD program at National-Louis, Wheeling-Lisle-Alexandria, Virginia/DC. Dr. Paul Gross, Natural Sciences joined firmly on the issue: ‘something must be done.’ Out of North Shore/Elgin.(Co-reviewed on the issue by Dr. Gross’s close colleague, Dr. Renee Judd. 122 S. Michigan, personal meetings on the run between classes – ½ block from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.)

  19. Your Comments

    Today. Chicago Sun-Times. As concerns announcement to run yesterday.

    Braun spoke of her deep Chicago roots — her grandparents came here from the South at the beginning of the 20th century. She promised to find a new police superintendent to strengthen community policing. She also pledged to protect seniors’ pensions and target “cronyism and patronage.” She has pledged to undo the deal that privatized city parking meters.

    Braun appeared on stage with U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush and state Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago). Also on stage was former Chicago Ald. Robert Shaw.

    Sandoval criticized Braun’s rival, former White House chief of staff Emanuel, as someone who had grown up in the suburbs and “abandoned” President Obama before the midterm election. Supporters carried a banner that read: “We did it for Harold, let’s do it for Carol,” referencing the slogan from the historic election of Mayor Harold Washington that appeared on buttons for Braun’s Senate campaign.

  20. Dear Mark Basile,

    Can you please explain the purpose of these posts.

    You are aware, I assume, that these are all publicly visible?


  21. Your Comments

    Chicago Tribune, on-line, Today.


    A) Associated Press

    5:39 p.m. CST, November 20, 2010
    E-mail Print Text Size chi-ap-us-chicagomayor-brau
    CHICAGO — Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun kicked off her campaign for Chicago mayor Saturday by reintroducing herself to voters, some of whom weren’t even born when she last won election in 1992.

    Braun, who runs an organic food company, was the latest candidate to formally enter the race to replace retiring Mayor Richard Daley, who has presided over the city for more than 20 years but announced in September that he wouldn’t seek a seventh term.

    The former senator joins a field of at least six major contenders that includes former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

    “While the city has many challenges: creating jobs, balancing our budget, fixing our schools, protecting our seniors and our children and making our government more accountable to the people, I stand before you today in the fervent belief that there is no city in this country better positioned for progress and opportunity for all its citizens than Chicago,” Braun told more than 100 supporters at an outdoor rally on Chicago’s lakefront with the skyline as her backdrop.

    ——————————————————————————– Get $25 gift certificates for $8 each >>

    The 63-year-old Braun made history when she was elected in 1992 as the first black woman in the U.S. Senate. She lost a re-election bid in 1998 and was later named ambassador to New Zealand. Braun also ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004.

    She is hoping voters will be attracted to her breadth of government experience. Before winning the 1992 Senate race for the seat President Barack Obama later went on to hold, Braun served as an Illinois state lawmaker and Cook County government official.

    — Austin Cassidy, Ref. You do not state a political preference or a professional or vocational affiliation. I state “Independent” and that I strongly prefer Ambassador Braun over Mr. Emmanuel.

    C) Skokie Review. October 23, 2008, p. 18.
    ” … I understand an unidentified group of individuals is making phone calls indicating that Biss of the University of Chicago is not pro-choice, and [Elizabeth] Coulsen has refused to condemn those making the phone calls.

    As a detached individual, I might find these sorts of underhanded tactics [push-polls] to be amusing. When my unplanned event occurred, my girlfriend and I “chose” life, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby girl on Dec. 24, 1979, whom we put up for adoption. When I picked Biss as my candidate, I was somewhat comforted by his commitment to keeping abortion “safe but rare.” But I was under no misunderstanding that he was not pro-choice …” Published under my legal name, MVB.

    D) Daniel Biss, 11/20/08.

    “Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you again for you consistent and extraordinarily helpful participation in the campaign. The result was not what we hoped it would be, but I feel extremely fortunate to have met you, and very excited to continue confronting the health care challenge facing our society. Please (double underlined) stay in touch! All best, Daniel (Not Dr. Biss ! – smiley face)

  22. I’m totally lost. What is the purpose of these comments?

  23. Your Comments

    Library of Congress
    Library of Congress Associates
    Mark Basile
    Valid Thru Sep/Oct 96
    (Skokie, IL)
    (? LeapFish Arts)
    citation on site: “Carol Moseley Braun Mounts Political Comeback in Chicago Mayoral …
    11/22/10 cite

  24. Can you please explain why you’re posting all this gibberish?

    If not, we will likely have to delete it and ban you from commenting.

    None of this makes any sense.

  25. Your Comments

    Dear Darcy G. Robinson,

    Since Austin F. Cassidy states the ability to “delete,” (above), I will make no further comment beyond I will make no further comments or postings on any Uncovered Politics postings or articles. Thank you.

  26. I’m certain Mr. Robinson will be very upset.

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  28. Off a Noam Chomsky, PhD (MIT) Web request.
    Kinda, what cha doing now, outside of “business” that I can make some sense out of?
    The Condoleeza BIO, I think most completed at McHenry,, is interesting as she was a Democrat until she felt Jimmy Carter fell apart at the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, roots — Birmingham, Alabama, quaintly watching football and the Cleveland Browns with her Dad, with ‘galleymen’/slave Founders Roots and Italo- (in the first name) as per Columbus Day. Italos are all melting pot sorts nowadays, Jews feel some sort of purity because they don’t state “ethnic background,” just religion. I like splashes of clear social conscience in Dr. Rice (kinda off a tour of duty and getting back into civvies at Hoover at Stanford), though I haven’t finished. See preface however.
    Chicago — SCARFACE, same. No change.
    In programs below, I have noticed Ms Trice jump eagerly onto the Rahm Emanuel bandwagon in the paper. Kazurinsky, Conroy (worthe googling) and Ellis seem ‘good birds.’
    I haven’t checked you on the Web in 3 weeks or so, don’t see a reference to Guernica anywhere except under the reviews of it itself, so I will not draw an opinion. Reads fine to me.
    On Mitch Mc Connel’s e-mail list, and am responsive. A little lag time, though I do have a line of essays/BLOGS on Wittenberg ALUM. Contact from time to time off old Carol for Mayor. Know many Latins, as regards the incredibly stupid City core. Not the general people. Still, that is the “bloc.” I wrote Gery Chico and he blew it off. The 49th Ward abuts directly at the East of the North suburbs, very cordial contacts from the Missus and Mr./Alderman Joe Moore, with Chief of Staff Betsy and Luis, who I have known since 2008.

    I just went to print, and I got a dead machine. You will have to find the Writers’ Week Workshops on July 9 and July 16 on General Search Sincerely, Mark.

  29. Interesting choice of ‘contacts,’ lettera, Dr. Chomsky, in that if you notice on 11/24, the supervisor of this site seems to be saying, I have made some comments which were of a policy nature and not necessarily ‘reasonable.’ If you click on that contact, you will see that the author goes entirely out of his way to allow for persons commenting on his writing to give him the business, and he just sucks it up.

    So with a “note” on the ‘probblematic’ (sp?) nature of Independent writing, where there may be creativity involved in addition to other endeavors such as reportage where the “essential” element is to be a ‘reliable source,’ I would want you to know that inasmuch as a multiple “reviews,” FEDERAL REGULATORY OVERHAUL flowing out of your 10/10 examiner article which topped the charts at 20 straight Google Search double #1’s around January also ran in accompaniment with 20-40 letters in exchange to general mailings to Ambassador/Senator Carol Moseley Braun. That is, as you seem to have implied that we have set a place for lettera collecting in Andorra. I searched the history of that country and I cannot recall the last time I have seen something more splendid, going back to rehabilitation from Roman tyranny and Charelmagne ca: 700’s +/-. The second to last letter from Carol for Chicago was placed last night in my general provider, the suburban Chicago Tribune on-line.

    So you see, the major effort articles review was running parallel, or at the same time as Carol, Mike Noonan, Victor Reyes and myself were murdering ourselves to try to obtain an outcome in the Chicago Mayoral. This was no sort on academia-style venture whatsoever. I don’t know how you felt — see again Guernica, letter and “review” on — but when I wrote As Chicago Turns and Schlesinger’s Brothels (little issue of legal prostitution in Nevada in addition which Mr. Reid seems to have had little to say about except recently since he sat at JFK’s knee in DC in 1961; I hope you and I both regard that as a non-ideological issue without developing the spectrum of details) — I was p_ssed-off. You win some, you lose some, but a “rig?” Enough for now.

    The issue was “accompanying letters.”

    With a relatively continuous “accompaniment” with Alderman Joe Moore, his wife Barbara having a wonderful “green web site” maintained by herself in her own right, chief of Staff Betsy who has contacted me several times — once directly on “Human Rights” to which I responded a second time with “your” Security Council Blues (much agree with sceptical direction, 1993, — nicely, some things like the Bill of Rights, due process, equal protection and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948/UN do not simply go away), also with 3 1-1 contacts with “Luis,” my superior in elections 2008 where the entire office directly commisioned me to write on unfair elections practices and “push-polls.” (Skokie Review, October, 2008). Concurrently, Luis saw me off to classes where I received my Masters Equivalent and maintain a steady University job, assistant/assistant administrative/assistant in Creative Productions.

    So on this “Independent” swing, Guernica still hot, and I am not kidding in the least, I absolutely cannot stand Ronald Reagan, we have another 30-40 lettera on-going, ‘please come to my gardens/ecological farming productions and sale tomorrow’ on tonight’s machine — with, get a load out of this !! Barbara Moore has dragged in Howard Dean to speak at her house personally over the next several weeks. Gosh darn DNC Chair in the little old erstwhile Independent 49th Ward of Chicago. 8 minute rapid transit, with 4 minute transit for me.

    So maybe you cut a deal with the owner of this site, since the materials preceeding as regards the Chicago Mayoral in Carol for Chicago did directly facilitate my/our entrance into that campaign. And note, regardless of outcome, we were “right there,” two days before Ambassador/Senator Carol Moseley Braun announced.

    Letters. Andorra. Mark, “Accept, with sincere thanks and regards to the provider.”

  30. It’s been 4-5 days for any contact out of the 49th, and that is unusual.
    O’Connor is Moore’s associate to the South on the Lake Front, and they have at least one mutual developments project, with a non-regressive micro-taxation idea, where the “regular” people in from the Lake are not taxed, whereas the Lake(front) is more or less the area ‘wonder’ that “all” can enjoy.
    That’s Andersonville, formerly at least the ethnic Swedish enclave.
    In the 50th, most probably the long term lady friend of Barbara Moore, that I think Barack Hussein blew through a block on me though even after Barbara’s solicitation of contact, has come up as the Alderperson. Search, similar to GPS or Ward maps, State Senator Ira Silverstein.
    The Moore Organization and myself “had” exchanged 30-60 letters. But “Rainbow” or Rahm. Really don’t know. All I know is that I have had a consistency on issues since about age 25-27, as a “reader.” You know, the instant class was over and the Professor absolutely dashed from the class, 300-400 students would stand up (as big Public), and 20-30 would make a bee-line to their 3-4 TA’s with rapid fire questions.

  31. Take for example, also, Dr. Chomsky, in as all spring chickens are gone, I’ve been sitting at a desk “outside” an office facing 3 Natural Scientists (‘by far the best in my 15 years on the faculty,’, Urbana, PhD, Harvard-tech, 1/29/10 — simple ecology and native flowers and plants to our area, but very intensive AGRICOLA and ILLiad) and 2 Masters Level Communications with Classics in the form of Rhetoric, answering all questions and facilitating since the fall of 2008. And then we come out to do the shows. Partially recruiting in nature, so I have to know programs, who teaches what, and the “substance” of some of the strong points of what a course had to offer. But as facilitator, with my enormously modest Essie at my side also being 100% qualified (she left for home in Mexico this morning for 10 days), but doing it through the sign-ins, all spread sheets with persons for events perfectly prepared, after back at the computer in the office taking care of all issues from any level of the bureaucracies, including being the ‘voice of programs,’ as Esmeralda is who you get when you call the number for information on events. On Monday June 6, I did an “Opening” on West Belmont. I thought I was just going as a show of support in as I had a relative who said he would make the show with me and check out Dr. Joanne’s Stardust, which has won some National Awards, and next thing you know, I’m thrown into the mix as an on-floor facilitator talking with some 20-25 staff who had made the show, knowing each one relatively well and speaking to issues that would interest “them,” you see that’s how you “do a show.” It’s not about yourself as a person, in any case. Claudia, a very nice friend of mine on faculty, had brought her cousin, and we talked about things of a various nature including a Chicago Reader which my brother had done on Nursing Homes which I had given her as a keepsake, and a, where his name also appeared on that particular print-out (subsequently flat-out dropped, 7-10 days ago after Convention 2011, Dr. Virginia told me ‘I want you around forever.’ Just volunteer.) But that’s the kind of thing “consumer advocates” do. She’s got tons of letters from me, and the 1500 innumerable e-mails dropped down my NLU screen into the abyss forever, include many, many highest quality informations and notifications of area educational presentations by the Department of Human Services. Now you get what I was doing between 2000 and 2008? In addition to a mixture of reading classics, and typing out [consumer news] on a monthly basis with Julie Rooney, MA and Family Therapist. Julie on the computer, me sitting next to her doing the proofreading, “Deanna,” a life Chicago Public School teacher, has all issues of the Skokie Publications News, in which I appear in various capacities every week. With a Board of Trustees from all over Skokie, our news circulated selectively to the entire city and surrounding suburbs, I assume Chicago as we are right on it at “Lou Lang.” Mayor George Van Dusen has his office 3-5 blocks south of where I go for leisure; I talked to his clerk Judy a couple of times and gave her identifications papers. I don’t happen to recall if I included a review or two by you, sure they got a number of things at least at the Library. Top 10 US.

    Me and My Shadow. Had a kind of aggressive one myself come a while as it happens.

  32. Mark V. Basile says:

    I saw this one on top this morning, Dr. C., and I think I noted that I haven’t had any particular problems recently with any articles on the site. The Scarface notation with the general “elevation into the upper class” of executives is kinda doubly reflected in that dash out of Chase by William Daley into the second seat. Now I don’t know if it’s a matter of lineage (that actually being Yale grads from the 1840’s) though George Sr. has a Boston landing between 1830 and 1850 with the most interesting aspect of business perhaps being Gallup (my sister was Nielsen, until they kinda downsized her – ahem, like she kinda got H1N1 at at Health and Fitness facility in 2009 where nobody else was affected, and only she and my 80-some father were holding my will in immediate estate), and Barbara Pierce Bush has President Pierce, after, McCall’s magazine I think, the Mayflower and the Columbian Legacy from the 1200’sAD — Mazzini cites the University of Genoa on numerous records on ‘thriving small city life’ in the pre-Resiorgimento era. Dante gives a geat number of citations similarly at 1250 or so. So maybe it would interest you that Barbara Pierce Bush has a history of involvement with and a great Literacy Program she is involved in. Her daughter-in-law led the national poet’s convention, except one year, with a MA in Library Science, which is dynamically sophisticated nowadays. You know that? But I read post Gulf War triumphalism in the 1990’s to say that we agree on two just plain jerks going at it. My reading subsequent was that Midwest and adherance to such and regional ties stability of region reads over “elevation into upper class” or lineage which I had always referred to a ‘silk stocking’ for the Houston, Texas parent. I am aware of the 2 wars that were going on. Though I think you are right on many, many of the CEO’s, where they are indeed elevated into class and lose a whit of a care about where they may have come from. (Concentration figure at 1%, that’s my figure also.) If that ever mattered in their mad rush to get to the top, or as friend Thorstein might say, slouch their way from Daddy’s armchair. Check out Palatine. At least until Axelrod and Turner Trice tear it down.
    You see, this stuff I can’t modify – once it’s up it’s up. Ciao.

  33. Mark V. Basile says:

    Typo. 1630/1650 for the Boston landing. Some people find lineage of importance, perhaps most, like myself, just don’t have any. Similarly, I have commented on the (potentially) self-deluding nature of career as opposed to job. A lifetime ago, I taught “social history.” In part, this would imply that the American Federation of Labor negotiating (with Henry Cabot Lodge among others) for the 8-hour day, African-Americans struggling in disfranchisement being thrown in toto out of elective office and Jim Crow after the removal of Federal Troops protecting Reconstruction in the 1880’s — the Klan and murders, and the great mass of Americans more or less prone and in destitution for the decade or so of the Great Depression are of equal interest, at least, to the New Industrial State. (See esp. Iron Weed, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep – the scene where she gets in the car with the hobos is about 5 minutes long, nothing very especially of a problem, but should not have the visual on for 12 and under.)

    Technically, I was a Teaching Assistant, in the State of California we were called “readers,” the designation given on my Close-Up interview, 1/23/98, was Instructor, by the State of Illinois.

    Larry (Lawrence Levine) was offered the Chair of African-American Studies at Harvard. He declined. “Wave” went with me to a readers party at his now widow’s home in the Berkeley Hills. Cornelia. Larry bragged about how he could play sax. Cornelia intoned, ‘but your son plays violin, and he’s actually good at it.’

  34. Little switch. Stanford.
    I like your affection to Dad, as an idea,played out actually with Mom — from the couch with the Browns to the Fighing Potato Eaters to the team with Pops to the Left Coast. Still, popping right back up around Cleveland the your dearest sorry sacks the Gipper’s finest at 1-5 around 2010. Battle fatigue unapparent after 8 enormous stressful years. ‘You got another book to write, FACEBOOK/Wasingington Post.) Talk to Judge Chertoff, maybe. Still stunned and I regard aghast everything new since those stunning Mayorals.Like a :
    “ghoul” Rahm prances and pronounces from 2200 BC. I went off your site tonight, perhaps Geroge W. wants to hold a persons of the Columbian Legacy, and I’m on ‘go.’ That Tea Party buckle of John Boehner 2-3 days before the Default date was sinister. Say Tea Party, sa what? Say Jan Brewer, say The State. “Ugly”/racially insensitive. “Mexicans Make us Good,” again and period unless I have to say it a 75th time — IN PRINT. Most may be fair minded, but it don’t mean nothin whatsoever, fiscal conservatives, so what, I want stimulus in taxation (redution) policy for growth and stupid, stupid, stupid actual addressing of incredibly moronic Stimulus Bill which increased unemployment 8-9-5%.

    Do not intend to be a pen pal. You’re a boss man.

  35. [BLOG. Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer yucking it up at the Diamondbacks Game.]
    Well I’m no politician. I pulled 3 times my weight when the absolutely necessary had to be done — restore/place “checks and balances” at the mid-terms. But I’m not going to beg someone like Rick Perry to respond to a verification of work and a transcript showing I finished the Masters Equivalent. While he kinda comes crawling for votes to this Tea Party contraption, which I have yet to see much special consistency to — that is any Joe and his uncle can preach fiscal conservatism. I am on Mitch McConnell’s eNewsletter list and I give him supportive responses where I feel appropriate, kinda keeping “active” in a fashion or so. Just sat aghast though as I watched Jan Brewer without a regret in the world run her enormously callous anti-Hispanic legal appeal up to the United States Supreme Court. I mean, just coming up to people on the basis of the color of their skin alone and carding them — not for purposes of non-criminal activity assistance or whatever in the world, but to just square throw them out of their houses,et. Spose when you card the kids for their birth certificates and they turn out OK, as is usually the case, Arizona reaches into Medicaid for another case of the Nanny State.

  36. Rechecked files; Rick Perry directly stated disapproval of Arizona law on Hispanics/illegals. Personal apology Governor Rick, if my working load many times doesn’t even allow me to catch mistakes which would have been much less frequent when my batting average was up. I believe I made an implication by association. (Just above).

  37. “Independent.”
    Sometimes I tear my hair out.
    How many pieces of paper does one person have to have?
    Moreover, I don’t know anywhere except in the Administration of my school where hard paper can be transferred to computer style and posted.
    I mean, I don’t keep contact, but when I was finishing up, then teaching as Instructor/Reader at Cal Berkeley — you send to my place of business at NLU Skokie a statement by one single person, that is one single person of my 150 students that I was a conservative. We just didn’t have an abortion when we had an unplanned pregnancy. Most SANE — persons call that a Conservative Democrat. (Skokie Review/pioneer, October, 2008 — comment made as exception in requested campaining writing, boss: Luis, most recently of Joe and Candidate Barbara Moore’s 49th — dropped Barbara ten bucks, waiting for envelope since didn’t use that automatic money tansfer contraption; don’t like putting money into cyberspace.)
    Look above at November 18 of last year, ‘not coming off a National Democratic campaign but am an Independent.’ Do you know how many g-mail campaigning incoming and responses I have from Chair Noonan, Victor Reyes and signed by the candidate herself, the Senator/Ambassador? Ok, you figure, every one until the last two after we lost. I resonded to both and said if you have any ongoing Carol non-political activities ongoing, all you have to do is let me know.
    Is Amnesty International a political organization? See Chicago Sun Times pioneer, publication ongoing since May 30 for comment. Keyword: “Basile.” 5 years, and I do have 2 direct hardcopy in my possesson — one sent right the frig here to Immigration or so in DC concerning the plight of Haitians who were no longer simple victims of American Caribbean basin grinding poverty, but they had a dictator in charge at that time also. That is called “political asylum.” May not be in the dictionary, but Motown TV on-line got it on reprint and maybe were saying, ‘we actually do pay attention to racial aspects variously, Mr. Clinton,’ and gave it a full publication ca: 1/11.
    5 years Salvation Army 3 days a week with 150 witnesses in Evanston watching me go out the door and come back in. Is that “politics?” 1990’s. Nothing to do with the Bush group. That is whatsoever.
    You don’t like Naval Aviator John McCain, I did. November, 2010, “thank you.” I asked for him to keep me on his mailing list. And guess what? Nada. That is nothing whatsoever. Moreover, I don’t have a clue what he is doing now, though I did in a proper fashion blast Jan Brewer for that both racist law which in an unbelievably harsh fashion implies throw them all out as opposed to rationalize status. About last week. Got a flash on my headders that a couple days ago they were beginning legal proceedings against the Legislator who crafted the law and sent it through. So we’ll see. I’m trying to do a book review and I keep on geting interrupted, if you don’t mind. It’s well after lunch time.
    (Oh yeah, I sat — 15 feet — from the State Chairman of the Independent National spin-off United We Stand America 1995. Rallied, handed out materials in the bars, came back to the office a ‘little’ you know what, sat right down in my chair for 2-3 hours — as Don and his #1, a female vet, rolled in the telephone calls and filled the Town Hall meetings for US Senate to the breaking point. Little problem, one city and it’s zone do not make a State. We got “crucified,”)

  38. Before the Trib Web site kinda went erratic, I took a note of what appeared as my approxmate personal audience. It was 600-1000. With a publication every 1-4 months, I am much more than happy with essaying generally speaking as a personal kind of activity. If it’s a little choppy, I suppose they call it Blogging. Either style is more than legit in this Web and informations environment, according to absolute knowledge, also coming to me from University and excellent jobbing journalist sources. My boss gave me her husband’s e-mail address for any kind of personal tips in Blogging — you want to talk about cutting the mustard as a journalist, Lew Koch has been published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (ca: 2004) for ‘debunking’ Padua — (he had nowhere’s near the capability of constructing a “dirty bomb.”) Told me all about it while I was facilitating his wife’s show Soul Sisters (see also my anthology review in which it is contained, Shared Stages at
    At any rate, FYI, below is a sample of my personal activity otherwise. Generally it’s called “consumer advocacy.” For the Ladies, though I may not have a sufficient citation for the specified legislations proposals being referred to, where ‘advocates’ or support yourselves, I would think the “narrowed focus” on stages of pregnancies, care at all stages of development with even deferments to new mothers with physical and emotional care immediately upon them, where confinements, detainings or incarcerations interrupt a normal kind of family or community-based birth and newborn process. Mark.

    Dear Mark, Monday the 7th [March]

    You know I like to get to you as soon as time breaks free for me, so let me ‘feed back’ on the House, stop it at that in that I have a couple of things conceived through, and see what I can do after. I’m not sure if I’m at NLU tomorrow or Wednesday, I may have mis-marked my calendar for tomorrow. And then I have to do my own thing at Rush for no-problem lung and heart stethoscope with blood tests on the 14th, Monday.

    Real estate credits for disabled very good as in allowing disabled to keep homes and cars through what little can be squeezed through to assist.

    Mulligan may be getting a “moot” if according to your friend the Director “brand names” are on the chopping block. I am not directly affected myself, I take divalproex, but for the “physical sorts” of things – god forbid heart, let’s say, your e-mail was on-point: (potentially) “devastating,” or how you stated it exactly. That is inasmuch also as “our” essential function is as an “advocacy agency.” Question: could this (Mulligan’s Bill) be a structural impulse to put a stop to no provision of necessary brand names. If so, might co-ordinate with Representative Mulligan on ‘rush’ and tell him or her “we” have a fire to put out.

    Lou Lang. I have a mid-2000’s Town Hall Forum with him speaking strongly pro-parity for State, as in Local/State/National – Constitutional “Federalism.” So I find this consistent. Indeed, I have directly reported on this and posted/printed (available.)

    “Mentally (erratic)” and “violent nature” may be “separated.” Cunningham.

    Unclear again. Cunningham. HB 1905.
    “transfer” to where?
    Definition of “unfit.”
    Overall: “We” stand to my best knowledge on ‘no felons in MI/Senior general populations.
    So I don’t get a read on this transfer from prisons one, or I do not have sufficient information to feed back.

    Unclear. Hernandez.
    My question would be, where females coming into custodial or similar situations, even jail, may or may not have knowledge of unplanned pregnancies in progress, is it not an over-riding “policy consideration” to afford protections and best cares for children, and certainly where no crime is alleged – even if so, in my opinion, and “mothers,” is not monitoring for developments subsequent needed? Both for care(s) during custodial period and seamless provision of needed social services for the pragmatics of both one and two parent families. You’re based on the South Side, “demographics” is a part of normal social science, and indeed providers we work for refer to themselves as Social Workers, though they tend in Agencies to be full MA’s, or the State Licensed MA sort in a greater preponderance.

    HB 1530. Representative Lou Lang, on my border from Daniel, MIT as we discussed. I go to Annie’s Pancake House and have gone with father and sister and brothers for 7 years. Pick up cigarettes and Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew or so at Walgreen’s next door. Never a problem except at Turning Point where Elizabeth Coulsen was on the Auxillary Board – out of jurisdiction. Her juris. goes no further South than Main Street, like Mary Jensen slopping over from Elgin with the DMH when Dr. Goldrick told me specifically, you are in my jurisdiction and my jurisdiction alone. So bingo, all over: “conflicting clauses.” I told her (Dr. Virginia) I appreciated the definite informations. Skokie’s a town, of course, but no way, no how did Elizabeth Coulsen belong in State Senator Ira Silverstein’s jurisdiction, schmoozing the not-for-profits just like old time “Plunkett of Tammany Hall” (with Boss Tweed), a Cal. “essential,” as we need not forget our Royko’s and Len O’Connor’s, as regards: “Reform.” Short of it is, after that ventilation – sorry, Mark — HB1530 by Lou Lang doesn’t seem to me to have any problems at first blush. He’s the man on gambling, have the vices pay (costs of their victims; ie, routing of taxations), the deficit – on it like a “hawk,” and covering holes left by the Nation-State in Constitutional Federalism, though I do not personally have stats on Fed/Local “parity” which is private insurance as opposed to Medicaid. I don’t get Medicaire, so I don’t like to shovel unprocessed informations to the #5/3 Law School in the country. I view my role with you as a “responsibility” I have voluntarily taken on, under conditions of mutual accord as regards any recent communications.

    Best Today, Mark. Sincerely. Basile @ … for mail. E-mail is best convenience, of course, as is our practice. Hi to Carol and Megan. Best to Dick, our “Main man” out of Chicago-Springfield and Laureen where NAMI has provided me with academically stable citations for consumer advocacy. Some looked at by University, and submitted. Back on Arlington Heights, ‘not-in-my-backyard,’ good NAMI cite on 2-3 times less prone to violence by those with MI. Other cites, up to 8-10 times. There’s a good Government of Canada study, which I cannot personally find anymore, it shows disabled at least 8-10 times less likely to be perps rather than victims of violent crimes. You have my general essay on you computer where I do also give you a sampling of citations across the ideological board. No way nohow are MI persons who are not at bottom hard line felons anywhere near prone to violence against others as opposed to such committed against themselves. Again, Best. Mark.

  39. “Melissa.”
    On alternatives to incarceration.

    I agree; loitering, non-violent disturbing the peace, possession as opposed to dealing/pushing, nominal thefts and historic theft of necessity (like food when you are out of money), though I do not know what trespass is where it is deemed “criminal.”

    Arrest per se is not the issue, what is at issue is the outcome of “treatment” as opposed to incarceration. I believe I would hardly be alone at the Department of Human Services/DMH as regards my personal statement of treatment as a preference. Even for example as gambling may enormously harm the individual with family financial obligations which may be hurt, we don’t just let that person ruin him or herself within days of each paycheck, we strongly urge that person into treatment. As many or most modern facilities and outpatient facilities are immediately equipped with trained counselors for abuse of alcohol or use of drugs, these being of any kind.

    On the item attached below, there are several comments and ideas concerning positive action by Tom Dart. Where these sentiments follow consistent with action, I would kinda recommend a citizens’ “commendation” to chief officer Dart. He seems to understand clearly, that punishment is inappropriate for persons suffering deficit and that the criminal sanction is intended most for those with the “intent” and actions of serious harm. That is my reading, at least.

    Mark V. Basile. One of Dr. Virginia’s fellows at DHS/DMH summer Conventions.

    (Within the week, Trib article referred to in part.)

  40. Reply
    |mark basile to mheyrman
    show details Jul 27

    Dear Mark,

    You have brought to me an issue which appears to involve an irrationality and/or the need for an “arbitration.” Silver Cross and Provena seem to be saying, in effect, ‘we don’t care if Medicaid patients are serviced.’ On the other hand, not knowing reasonable rates of payment, with as “consumer advocates” we are well aware that the hospitalizations are the sort of things we want to minimize because of the overall financial impact to our systems, among ther things that we have dealt with, it possible that a skilled arbitrator could even take care of this lickety split. We do however want to minimize interruption of services, and as we worked so hard on, especially with Laureen out of NAMI, we don’t want “large” regions vacated of essential services, as where we were dealing with hospital facilities for Tinley Park. State of Illinois, even less of an urban center nature, need the “insurance protections” which may involve more complex Legislations down the road, which prevent (rural) doctor flight; ie; premiums for malpractice protections growing prohibitive. You know by the way, Virginia Goldrick has Mark Kirk coming in, I’m not sure when for a Town Hall forum. The last 2 times he contacted me were around December for Town Halls in Mount Prospect and Crystal Lake, so the Mayors there may facilitate for you in addition to the fact that you have said that you met him. You know Mark, while you are banging your head against the wall day-in day-out for the little people:
    One phone call from a United States Senator, etc.

    He brought with him to the campaign a ‘true moderate’ in his ex-wife of 8 years (divorced 2009), big 2 local law, Northwestern, ultra-proven national abilities (Annapolis, Naval Intelligence and Briefer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff) –Chicago Sun-Times, 8/17/10, and ‘a concern for Human Rights’ Campaigns consistent with the concerns of vulnerable populations.’ (Chicago Magazine, 8/4, WTTW, Chicago Tonight, August). That’s: Kimberly Vertolli.

    Kimberly, I have never had contact with, unlike Mark Kirk. And if you can stretch local preponerances on step further, I do have Leader Mitch McConnell in writing twice now, in spite of the imbrolio over taxation and debt ceiling, he is committed to “NO cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.” He’s not in charge, of course, but just this week, I have been mailed on 2 occasions by Joe Moore in the 49th just off Evanston and Skokie, of him bringing in Durbin for a Federal/State/Local projects loosely regarding Loyola University and the Loyola El stop on the Red Line. And he’s just one simple Ward. Compare that to your “jurisdiction” with the ‘interests’ of you National in some of the greater issues involved. I have just named a couple while also trying to address for you possibilities for:
    Arbitration, with
    Minimized gap in services (with the potential arbitrator, as opposed to poor clients writing letters most probably without sufficient knowledge to make an impact, where that’s why we have sat as a Committee, with it being made clear that Medicaid is simply all vulnerable populations, and persons confined essentially to part-time employment have — in light of the “recovery model” and community integration/volunteerism/and part time jobs), and finally with
    Medicaid by its structure being part Federal and part State.

    Sorry for the switch to gmail, I’m sure you don’t care, but my NLU does not display the whole message but cuts off one side or the other.

    Sincerely, Mark

    As regards jurisdiction on the issue, as opposed to issue function within the State of Illinois with a specified jurisdictional location, Virginia might be interested in pitching in on this one. Region 1 of DHS/DMH is Greater Chicago Metro, so she covers you with regards to specified ‘business center’ around 60th South, it doesn’t happen to be on this forward. You can tell Dr. Virginia what I had to contribute here, as I heard from her “yesterday,” and I was on-going, with Committees for Conventions 2009, 2010, 2011. (Got a dental tomorrow, as regards any desired follow-up, should be in by twoish, 3pm. Ciao.)
    – Show quoted text –

    On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Mark V. Basile wrote:

    On 7/27/11 11:52 AM, Heyrman, Mark wrote:

    At Monday’s MHAI Public Policy meeting we learned that there are no inpatient mental health services available in Will county under the new managed care plans. I agreed to draft a letter for people in Will County to send to Director Hamos. Joe Troiani agreed to bring this to NAMI-Will County
    Here is my draft.
    This can be adapted for other areas where inpatient care is unavailable.
    Happy to help with that.

    Julie Hamos, Director
    Department of Healthcare and Family Services

  41. Sorry folks, double review of Lynn Sweet/Jessie Jackson – September 20/21, 2011 removed. This one’s on “save” fortunately. Among many other things, he pitches in with Susan, her husband and a co-worker prosumers I have at least had introductory discussions with at George Van Dusen, loc., as regards avoidance or reduction of Emergency Wards as doctors of ‘first’ resort. See archives, Cassidy, otherwise. Healthcare and banruptcies also mentioned. Disturbing figures.

  42. Heyrman. 70 E. Lake. Also, variously on ER as ‘doctors of first resort.’ Law School and Trial Lawyer. Doesn’t quite seem to understand that the 10th Amendment isn’t all the US Constitution has to say. That’s with respect to the “advocacy” however. See also Frank Anselmo. His materials which came across my desk did not ever seem to miss a beat. Heyrman and Anselmo are chums, so prognosis is not downside. This is “vulnerable populations,” part of what I do — if you want to keep up on me generally. Remember, I did a “realist poem set,” Homelessness — CHICAGO NOW, 2010, call it what you want, but that’s your author’s get up and go — his publications. Austin doesn’t happen to publish, at this time, he “posts,” but gd, he’s working his way up to the better in Chicagoland. As the Trib sinks further — Boss, City Hall, now this clown Axelrod, Clout aka: The Toilet. [below: Reprint, check dates various; sometime this year.]

    Jackson. ICON. Cf: Studs. Royko. (Age of Reform, Chicago; Cermak).
    On March 29, 1968, King went to Memphis, Tennessee, in support of the black sanitary public works employees, represented by AFSCME Local 1733, who had been on strike since March 12 for higher wages and better treatment. In one incident, black street repairmen received pay for two hours when they were sent home because of bad weather, but white employees were paid for the full day.[114][115] (WIKI)
    On April 3, King addressed a rally and delivered his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” address at Mason Temple, the world headquarters of the Church of God in Christ. King’s flight to Memphis had been delayed by a bomb threat against his plane.[116] In the close of the last speech of his career, in reference to the bomb threat, King said the following:
    “And then I got to Memphis. And some began to say the threats, or talk about the threats that were out. What would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers? Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man.”
    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.[117]
    King was booked in room 306 at the Lorraine Motel, owned by Walter Bailey, in Memphis. The Reverend Ralph Abernathy, King’s close friend and colleague who was present at the assassination, testified under oath to the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations that King and his entourage stayed at room 306 at the Lorraine Motel so often it was known as the “King-Abernathy suite.”[118]
    According to Jesse Jackson, who was present, King’s last words on the balcony prior to his assassination were spoken to musician Ben Branch, who was scheduled to perform that night at an event King was attending: “Ben, make sure you play “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” in the meeting tonight. Play it real pretty.”[119]
    Then, at 6:01 p.m., April 4, 1968, a shot rang out as King stood on the motel’s second floor balcony. The bullet entered through his right cheek, smashing his jaw, then …

    Jesse Jackson, prior. See: Operation Breadbasket. (In misma of Kennedy/Daley political toilet.)

    Reverand King.
    1964 Nobel Peace Prize. Civil Disobediance towards reduction of and ending racial segregation and discrimination.
    Reverand Jesse Jackson’s son spends only day in jail voluntarily exactly on 21st birthday in opposition to “apartheid.” (South Africa). – THIS, is the sort of thing Jesse Jr. was interested in, lived within the legacy of his father and his Martyr close friend with affiliate Martyr Malcolm X (Autobiogaphy, “essential,” Cal.).
    (Coupled shortly after with end to poverty initiatives).
    1954. Pastor in Boston.
    1955. Philosophy PhD on towering Paul Tillich and Weiman.
    1955. ROSA PARKS. For those attuned, nothing more need be said. The bench responds, Earl Warren, in loose conjunction with jump to action of Martin Luther King Jr. Result, re-iteration of Brown v. Board of Education of 1954; here, as regards “busing.” (Hi, to “Archie.”)
    Robert Kennedy interceptions ordered in 1963. Moreover, one-on-one “intimidations.” Interceptions also ordered on and to include leadership of Southern Christian Leadership Conference. “5” years, continual “pressures” pursuant. Comments on Communism, not clear, legitimate 1st Amendment protections even more unclear. Result [opinion, with respect to domestic “dissent” totally irrelevant]: simply no Communism. Complete historians certainly will note anti-war of later King, but best historians of thought in this world will recognize MLK’s dissatsfation with BOTH the “excesses” of untrammeled free markets and any sort of totalitarianism on the Left. [Nobody nohow is perfect, or hits all bases, but as Dick Nixon, King saw the names mounting on the Veterans Wall for Veterans of Vietnam, and he expressed objection. See also, Stephen E. Ambrose, bn. Decatur.)
    In affiliation with “American Friends,” to visit place of Ghandi’s birth.
    Submitted by Mark V. Basile. Essayist and Playwight. Chicago, 1955. “Watched everything.” At age 56, with my usual birthday celebration at Little Poland, ‘The Thrill is Gone.’ NOT impressed, House apparatus and the waltzing of child of machine priviledge, through obfuscated Blago cataclysm. As the Governor’s spouse, simply dies away without ever again seeing her husband in the comfort of their home. Hardest hearts: Illinois House. Northwestern at Oprah big payoff, don’t seem to get it; the issue was not the pension which nowhere nohow was Fitzgerald going to give on, but a Nobel Peace Prize nomination confined indefinitely to the public’s awareness. So Big Jim, who’s he going to spend the tiny 60 with – for nothing he ever did as Governor. Millenium Brochure, page one. For Katie Basile. Case closed. ALL CHICAGO, Mrs. Ryan passes, Fourth of July week, 2011.
    [1963] march originally was conceived as an event to dramatize the desperate condition of blacks in the southern United States and a very public opportunity to place organizers’ concerns and grievances squarely before the seat of power in the nation’s capital. Organizers intended to denounce and then challenge the federal government for its failure to safeguard the civil rights and physical safety of civil rights workers and blacks, generally, in the South. However, the group acquiesced to presidential pressure and influence, and the event ultimately took on a far less strident tone.[63] As a result, some civil rights activists felt it presented an inaccurate, sanitized pageant of racial harmony; Malcolm X called it the “Farce on Washington,” and members of the Nation of Islam were not permitted to attend the march.[63][64]
    “I Have a Dream”

    30-second sample from “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963

    Problems listening to this file? See media help.

    The march did, however, make specific demands: an end to racial segregation in public schools; meaningful civil rights legislation, including a law prohibiting racial discrimination in employment; protection of civil rights workers from police brutality; a $2 minimum wage for all workers; and self-government for Washington, D.C., then governed by congressional committee.[65] Despite tensions, the march was a resounding success. More than a quarter million people of diverse ethnicities attended the event, sprawling from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial onto the National Mall and around the reflecting pool. At the time, it was the largest gathering of protesters in Washington’s history.[66] King’s “I Have a Dream” speech electrified the crowd. It is regarded, along with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address … as one of the finest speeches in the history of American oratory.[67]
    See also: Emancipation Proclamation, and Washington’s Farewell Speech, penned by Alexander Hamilton of “King’s College,” primary writer of the Federalist Papers and of Nevis/Caribbean, where his mother of color was left, forbidden to enter the colonies.
    “My eyes were opened.” Well before WWII. Barabara Bush of Mayflower and Italian lineage back to the 1200’s AD. (WIKI; ie: anybody need the time to go off to college. Prior ?: OHIO Supreme Court.)
    1/1/11. State Senator James Meeks (Google) on Carol Moseley Braun. (MVB. Couple of sharks in his waters, Gery Chico and “the man” with his front at Rahm (yuckin’ it up like the happiest dopes in the world, on another site, Dirty Little Ritchie’s Axelrod and Rahm; prognosis, nutsies: “Bloc” busting.) Web cites. (Carol for Chicago, by the way; loved the soul and the pasta at 35th !!)
    HBCU Calendar. 2011.
    James T. Meeks has quickly risen to become one of the most dynamic religious and civic leaders in the nation by adroitly wearing two hats simultaneously.
    On the one hand, he is founder and senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, the largest African American church in Illinois with over 20,000 members. Located in Chicago’s historic Pullman community, Salem is one of the fastest growing churches in the country and celebrated its 25th year in 2010.
    The other hat Meeks wears is that of Illinois state senator. In 2002, he successfully ran for the seat in the 15th Legislative District. His win made him the first independent legislator ever elected to the Illinois Senate, where he is currently serving his third term.
    In 2005, Pastor Senator Meeks led Salem in the building of the House of Hope, a $50 million, 10,000-seat community and worship center, which is the largest facility in the country built from the ground up for the purpose of being a worship venue.
    Two years later, he launched Vision 2007, which was considered one of the largest community outreach campaigns organized by a single church in the country.
    Pastor Meeks led the rally to “dry up” the Roseland community in which his church is located by collecting votes to close 26 area liquor stores in 1998.
    As a state senator, he has long championed education reform causes, especially as it relates to disproportionate school funding in minority communities.
    Driven by his passion for education, Meeks opened Salem Christian Academy in 1990, where students pre-K through eighth grade are immersed in an environment that emphasizes spiritual growth, inspires
    academic excellence, and fosters leadership.
    Meeks is the author of two books, How To Get Out of Debt and Into Praise, and Life-Changing Relationships, which have been received with critical acclaim.
    Born August 4, 1956 in Chicago, he received his bachelor’s degree in Religion and Philosophy from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.
    Now in his 32nd year in the ministry, Meeks is also the executive vice president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. He and his wife, Jamell, are the proud parents of four children and one grandchild.
    One Response to Reverend/Senator James T. Meeks
    1. hARVEY MONTGOMERY says:
    January 6, 2011 at 8:51 am
    Reverend/Senator meeks, is by all means is one of the most, powerful voices in the afro-American community, his live broadcast each sunday morning & wednesday evening is a service for all to scope, his down to earth ways of preaching the words of jesus christ, is clear to all….His primary reasons for running for the state senator seat. is to bring education to the forefront in the black, latino & poor communitys and beleve you/me this is a preacher that puts a lot of energy into seeing that our children get a good education…..And let us not forget that the Rev,Meeks is also one of the voices to be heard at operation PUSH.

    Encyclopedia of Chicago
    Though often overshadowed by its founder, Jesse Jackson, Operation PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity) has been one of the most important social justice organizations in the United States since 1971.
    The roots of Operation PUSH stretch back into the headiest years of the civil rights movement. When the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) targeted Chicago in 1965, Jesse Jackson helped formally organize Chicago ministers to promote more employment opportunities for local African Americans. Operation Breadbasket enjoyed early success, and by the end of the 1960s it was the leading civil rights group in Chicago.
    In 1971, Jackson broke with SCLC, and Operation Breadbasket became Operation PUSH. Despite precarious finances, Operation PUSH was active. It held rousing weekly meetings at its Hyde Park headquarters to energize its supporters, which included both black and white Chicagoans. It pressured major companies to hire more African Americans and to extend business ties with the black community. And in 1976 it launched PUSH-Excel, a program designed to inspire inner-city teenagers across the country to work hard and to stay out of trouble.
    Operation PUSH’s fortunes have fluctuated since 1980. Though stalwart PUSH leaders like the Reverend Willie Barrow supervised its activities from its South Side headquarters, Operation PUSH declined during the 1980s with Jackson’s pursuit of the presidency. In the mid-1990s, Jackson directed the merger of PUSH with the National Rainbow Coalition, a political organization he had founded a decade earlier, to form the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. This new combination revived the traditional PUSH economic emphasis by launching “The Wall Street Project,” a initiative that encourages leading financial firms and Fortune 500 companies to increase their minority hiring and inner-city investment.
    James Ralph

  43. Independent. AGAIN (above), that these persons in the lineage and relationships developed may not “consider themselves” to be such. But who did Carol for Chicago with Dr. Danny Davis specifically giving up ALL his field workers to Carol’s campaign, with Lynn’s (as employee, very white collar-style) Jessie “brokering” the Unified Field approach for Senator/Ambassador (2 jurisdictions, I UK system) Carol come up against? The Democratic Establishment. Gery Chico I’m not sure in retrospect, I suspect ‘fence mending’ with a sincerity of heart may be in the cards, with del Valle took the other portion’s loose Bloc as the co-alition came in at contested 45%. But “reform”/change — progress, politicians use the term progressivism even Teddy Roosevelt with The Progressive Party then clear Independence in Bull Moose (and a Hearty recollection for we all in the body politique: “Rough Riders.”) Nobody is saying Carol and Jessie were in any way Republicans or anything even approaching that, sure weren’t Daley insiders — National Democrats if they spoke up one way or the other went Rahm — or simply took their places from one Chief of Staff to the next/Chicago.
    Above all, look at the quality of Carol’s Political including Spiritual/Religious core. And I know the 600-1000 basic readership that I have developed over the last 12-24 months as I got on Web are going to join me and simply “spit:” at any comments whatsover that involve so-called ‘color.’ Not sure a single one of us, to the wo/man, cares in the least, about #1001.
    Mark V. Basile (“karass” was Kurt Vonnegut, rip — ‘for FUN.’)

  44. Thanks for the “comments” Dr. C, that section was very helpful in that you can see that the Web system I have available takes a number of sites, and is actually impossible to keep a comprehensive log. So something concise, again, was helpful.
    Now I have read a headline of yours on government crime, not this administration, and it happened that I let it go, on George W. Bush and the criminality of Bin Laden. There’s a headder up a couple of days ago with some Dorfman fellow out of Chile who made his way here, I used to see for example Marcos people slip in under the asylum intended as refuge from Ferdinand Marcos, where this Dorfman is talking about Pinochet. You know I have details on that with Ambassador Neruda, the newsreel of him meeting with Stalin with implicatons further than that I do not know. Poet Lauret indeed, but the Postman leaves open to question the the out-of-poetry statement that Nixon was a revolutionary rightist. Where that would be Cold War talk if he cut the deal. Just as some update, in case I didn’t get it to you, where I would guess you would be interested if in fact the Chilean Coup was Monroe Doctrine or just the bloodthirsty clown Pinochet. I had been doing a simple book review on Mary Cheney (2006,) as a nice clean gal, status interest, but still more than a simple political hanger-on with a good AOL Vice-President Assistant.. Good MBA too; obviously her sister Liz took all the limelight, TV and that sort of thing, major position foreign policy Mitt for President in 2008. Your governor, by the way, I heard he never meddled with academic freedoms. So as soon as I placed it — I can’t write these things up in 4 days and be “relevant” — a forum charge threatening all kinds of international erupts against her father. Colin, 3 Star, 2/11 out of one of those covert action think tanks that he is specially trained for, I hear, for extensive dissemination from original TV by one of those ABSOLUTISTS like Oprah, Huffington. So just wondering, let’s say you look into these couple of matters, you wouldn’t happen to approve of the capitol aspect of this? So I’m wondering about Powell and Dorfman, see Witt, Colin has/had a nice autobiography, I don’t have much money but I bought it. 3 star actually on the field in Vietnam. Maybe I ain’t gunna tell the truth no more, just when it suits me; “I smoked but I didn’t inhale.” Rather than what I tell people, openly, where relevant: “I stopped smoking dope after I had my diagnosed nervous breakdwon at the end of fall classes in December, 1982 — because it kinda didn’t seem smart anymore.” MB.

  45. The Human Spirit. LEGEND. Chicago, Illinois.
    Can’t quite get all the numbers, guess he “does” have staff.
    This Social Worker’s Well-Prepared.
    Jesse Jackson. Columnist.
    Chicago Sun Times. September 10, 2011.

    “Investors are paying the US government to park money in our bonds.”
    The fix is in.
    Workers and mid-sorts getting “fleeced.”

    S&P/NINJA promoting US bonds worth less than those mortgage collateralized debt.

    MVB/JJ. Seems same story since 1960’s, et, top 1%/ownership party at Bohemian Grove wheelin and dealelin – whatever – with McCains and Obama (directly available on Search) there to guarantee their seamlessness, astoundingly, even before this one’s in the books. Like Barack Hussein couldn’t pick up a copy of the Sun Times for it’s annual (understated) list of $2 Billion or more. And she’s off, Barack from her Chicago TV chair before he announced, to Iowa Primaries, and Tinsel Town for the lady who never quite seemed straight on this Stedman issue. Buffet, #2 in US wealth; wanna see that “piggy bank clause” in the Wall Street Reform issue again? Like Superintendent of New York Education Hearst “Yellow Press” style? — Just wondering. Penny Pritzker is the second one of those folks who just popped up, for Enquiring Minds. (This time we’re talking about the UC Med School).

    “Bipartisan balance:” cuts in mortgage and health deductions for middle class and Chicago-style bungalow families.

    The President. Rams “Golden Age” up from 65-67.

    Little overreach, Jessie, it’s the “majority of (urban and minority) children in the US [that] don’t read or do math at grad level after the fourth grade.” You got it in the other article, ‘teacher flight’ and funding, funding, funding.

    Drugs and despair for idle youth.

    Comment: By Mark V. Basile. Free-lance writer. 9/30/11.

  46. Mark V. Basile says:

    George. And George.

    This internet ‘business’ is something I had no contact with whatsoever until around the end of 2009. Even then, I was more or less swimming in the informations various except for the exactly direct projects I had in front of me for my work-study/fellowship. Then accompanied a swing into midterms 2010. And that must have been clear, IL, Ariz. Mitch got the hard copy in Louisville, if he doesn’t want to show you, then I would recommend tell everyone to “just plain ignore anything with my name on it” that comes anywhere out of his office. You see, he just don’t answer a single thing.”Gorby,” sitting quietly doubled up on my save Papa G. That’s what you wanted, updated interpretatively “to sufficiency” with contemporary observation preserved I believe. Anyway, it was “up” at United Air Lines long enough, hereabouts. 1991. ‘I remember?’ 1985. ‘Entail, 1871; Franco-Prussian War.’ Custodian, 1990. I found upon subsequent Search that not only was a fellow Ligachev involved in the settlement and transformation period to Glastnost/Perestroika 1985-1986, but indeed !! Boris Yeltsin, who thereafter simply took it all away. August Coup, Google Search. You have mine. ‘Written Communicatons-‘ style; “Two Just Plain Jerks Going at it.” More simply; ‘Accomodation in Disrepair.’ But how, indeed, does this explain the teetering at the “liquidation” of the Legislature/”Authoritariainism” perhaps as a euphemism — this caused me to upgrade a bit from what I had held at “the drunken governor” with Vladimir Putin at the top of the mix; here I don’t have the dates on heirarchy as the move into transition ca: 2000. Bush v. Gore. The question of ground-style “training camps” at Russia’s underbelly and bad immigrations of whatever their nature was making their ways into flight schools. You fixed this problem by giving OSS overlapping jurisdiction, Judge Chertoff on the scene of course, and accurately: “we prevented the recurrance of a 9/11 incident.” Upon leaving office. Mitch sent out informations on South Korea, Panama and Columbia which I did indeed Search on and there are brush fires going on with Venezuela right now. The information however was on legislations concerning trade.
    Mr. Netanyahu’s concerns as Palestinian Statehood made it’s way toward and through the UN recently were not clear to me as regards specifics.There was NO question however on the cafe bombers who also killed themselves; I’ll have to look up the Hezbolla missile attacks, but that is only as concerns the location of the arming. Like what in the world was Amademejahd trying to say 7-10 days ago when he burst out that 9/11 was America’s fault inasmuch as we bombed ourselves, but not necessarily? But we are eliding over the psychosis of the speech of the man; whatever the specifics on who knew and when, to what degree, again that is the degree to which the clouds of ongoing war obscured Nazi claim of “labor camps” and relocations, the Holocaust was established to 100% certainty by the American troops as they rolled over the camps chasing the retreating Germans and simply looked and observered — agast. But as I wrote on Senator John McCain, the out-of-state endorsement/campaigning — with a nice thank you note after — came upon determination that he was an “essential man.” You would have seen that for a while on simple Search. Good language on Libyan Liberation recently, in my opinion. So no change in opinion, War Crimes – smallest portion of genocides argued against Saddahm, in office – George Bush with “conviction” and full court process constituting “Justice.” Without the slightest training in the Middle East, I was 20th Century US History, I glanced at the Google/WIKI on Mr. Netanyahu and do not happen to see the slightest problem whatsoever. I stood up for a guy who was bus union president and have a relative working his way from under the busses now, we have big family parties, personally I was in the Umpires Union while I ran the league team just below Little League by my parents’ house around 1975 (Glass whose son was an Olympian in fencing was the assignor), Chicago Musicians’ Union 2 1/2 years, and like oh sure Cal Berkeley was going to give anything even approaching organized protections to it’s readers/Instructors, 2 Truckers trustees as advocate for a summer clerkship — didn’t ‘get in the way’ but did the PR/facilitation for a Dramatists Guild and International Jewish Playwrights consortium and presentation at the Center on Halsted within the last year. With boss, of course, but non-affiliated.
    I got my apartment in 1991/92, after observation of the weak structure in 1989. “on the Statea,” was a kinda fun conglomeration of the real Clark Street, State Street that Great Street according to the song, and the State as we began, within the first page: on the greatest philosopher-democratic president of “our” ancients — At 63 BC.

  47. Mark V. Basile says:

    Ref. above. On a further Search, my Decision Points (in an analytic style ‘mixed’ for my personal audience from two samples which held my interest at the time, Condi – 2010 -autobiography, and something ‘light,’ Mary Cheney – 2006 – perhaps best remembered for a sole incident of her mother screaming off John Kerry for a crack about her being a Lesbian – but I think one will find her accurately presented in my book review on Austin Cassidy’s site as having a more than significant personal resume at age 42, which a Search had caused me to determine that a book review would be of interest to the type of audience I personally write for — which Austin seems to appreciate and continues to facilitate) relied especially on MA/double career General Michael Hayden, whose boss comes from a family of Rabbi/Poland as some significances of that period may be known and then “Talmud.” He remembers. Personally, it was Lawrence Levine, PhD Columbia, Hofstadter School or so, who came up to me as I was finishing my last paper before graduating or receiving my degree and kinda told me that I was wanted for the next term on staff, ie: “reader.” That was with 5th and 6th year students who usually do it. So I said I would have to consider if I was going to go to his school, he said he would look over things and make sure my program was fine having had me several times. “Kibbitz” received, I said OK Dr. Levine, you have a deal. I kinda winked at him and implied ‘can I still be a Catholic?’ ‘One of the “intangibles” screwey dollie,’ that is as ‘you’ have never winked when you simply ‘handled’ my materials. At present, still with Dr. Joanne fall, 2008 through out of town Sabbatical at LA (family). Work product, computer, on-desk. Graduate Hofstdter era mixed everybody whatsoever up, but she got a 1-1 “great” latter years Lionel Trilling. And FOX Emmy aside, her CBS for Flying Feathers set in Chiam was more than very good to excellent. See Soul Sisters in Shared Stages, I do the review at the Barnes and Noble site, thematic with range of human emotions and relationships. Just fine. I produced it twice in Skokie, Van Dusen/Lou Lang, and at 122 S. Michigan, half a block from the main campus of my former feeder studio, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (Northbrook Star, cite in Chicago Sun Times on-line May 30 ongoing, as of yesterday — also Morton Grove Champion).

    ‘Won’t wink.’ Photo albums and paychecks can be put demand upon. Got one on the table: Randhurst. Bus ride and the Deli, copyright registration 1993. With B. Wave, gal-pal from Larry’s “readers'” parties. Chicago. (Carried my graded paper up Ashby Street to Larry’s star student who was subbing when he went to the Library of Congress. Modern Temper. –Glanced at. Personally, haven’t found a text yet, but it sure as F- ain’t The Great Gatsby. But, recommended.)

  48. Mark V. Basile says:

    graded ‘papers.’ oops.

  49. Mark V. Basile says:

    For the Ladies: I enjoyed Zelda. It’s been an enormous amount of time since I read that, so you would have to make up your own minds in the final determination. Nevertheless, see what Amazon says. What’s the harm if it turns out good !! Mark. (define: “a flapper,” just kidding, I think they called we city folk back then “wets.”)

  50. Mark V. Basile says:

    With only one mass daily sane with respect to Web-style operations, I really gotta tell you folks that — to date — Austin out of Jacksonville has come into town ready to do “professional” business. You may know, that I go down individual sites from time to time, catch up, indeed see if I need a note of correcting, and tonight I caught up on a couple of barnesandnoble.coms. If you can believe it, they mutilated a plays anthology by my own boss showing only the first paragraph and a half, which by the way she wrote with me, giving a full credit to the person I worked my heart out to set into place checks and balances on the campaigns of John McCain and Mark Kirk IL. Otherwise, I am an “Independent.” This other guy out of Harvard by the way, some Biss out of Indiana, tagged my biography, which was totally cut off, and indicated that he should be a contact for me. I had quit his campaign though he invited me to the inauguration for State Representative, and then 100% cut off contact with me while maintaining contacts where I utilize services work and the like — out-of-his-district. The 17th. He tagged a also on an issue unrelated to my subject matter of trauma and PTSD/combat fatigue. Something like womens’ wellness, seemed touchy feelie, hardly as sexual battery, hospitalizations, PTSD and trauma — statistical suicides I didn’t have the expertise on to discuss.

    So 2 1/2 cheers for Austin Cassidy from the Sunshine State, he retained full proper production of Shared Stages, by my boss Dr. Joanne, of which she personally wrote Soul Sisters which I produced twice which I found rich in human interaction, stimulating in exchange of African-American and Jewish traditions, including a dramatic break in relations between apparent double protagonists and a warming coming back together with each speaking and singing to the roots. With womens’ awreness and movements into societal mainstream, the dramatic rendition of African-Americans and Jews seem indicative of social movement in the 1960’s/70’s a bit. See Cassidy, 11/19/10. MVB.

  51. Mark V. Basile says:

    Bobby !

    “Big Tent.”

    DC/The Superlawyers – Chapter of Tommy the Cork Corcoran that Cotsirilos gave me. I said come on George, I want to teach and do public interest law. Finished it. “Good book, George, thank you. I wouldn’t have come across it otherwise.”

    Can’t do much myself however, friends, but he has accepted headlines before the Trib went brain dead. Did however get two letters with 3 phone numbers from his competitor and pal Phil Gramm out of Texas in 1995/96. Forwarded on to Bob, I told him no, I was 15 feet from that Chair of the State Independent Party located in Palatine where I lived in Arlington Heights. He was running for US Senate, if I recall, Don Torgerson. United We Stand America.

    So people like alternatives, or “options,” last I recall his wife was LBJ until Bob swept her off her feet. Suspect an index of flexibility. No contact ever, though. No opinion on ALUM, where she ‘hangs out’ llike some old school girl with one of her very best friends, Coach K. [That one’s for Derrick, obviously I know the facts, just note the very bottom and the state as in MJ. I just caught it by chance myself — ie; Calif played it fast and loose with Gasol and took one from us, Walter’s on the cover of one of my last 3 Sports Illustrated and I haven’t decided what to do with it considering the enormously untimeliness of his passing, the liver situation without a drinking problem, right?, and I was being coy, the other Lombari legend was Paul Horning (Smith) -“youngest ever,” should be good for 11 months, or whenever the locker rooms close in Evropa — sense an opportunity !!]

    Chairman of the Red Cross of America.

    So hate her for beiing ‘pretty,’ Harvard JD, Harvard MA, Oxford, Double Secretaryship, et.

    Here’s a little incomplete Paste-On. Any politician who makes it to the top has to have a couple of good sayings:
    “I am not a crook.”
    “The center holds.”
    But note Lyndon Baines: “Great Society.”

    This is a case-sensitive exact word or phrase search.
    Example Sentences using “Elizabeth Dole”
    Meanwhile, a Republican Senate political committee chaired by North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole is asking voters to fill out a survey on immigration reform.
    – CNN Transcript Oct 25, 2005
    Elizabeth Dole and a former Clinton big name, Erskine Bowles.
    – CNN Transcript Nov 2, 2002
    I know Coach K is a Republican and all (he held an on-campus fundraiser for Elizabeth Dole during her Senate campaign) but I think could lighten up a little bit.
    – Blog updates
    Elizabeth Dole is a woman who can play northern hardball.
    – CNN Transcript Nov 2, 2002
    Senate, Elizabeth Dole will be switching her voter registration from Kansas to North Carolina.
    – CNN Transcript Aug 23, 2001
    Try these links to search

  52. Mark V. Basile says:

    SOUL. “Bird Lives.” Kansas. (See also: Paris Years, Bobby’s got everything in Chicago, including local yokel international quality: Downbeat.) [FYI, his running partner Diz had the bent trumpet, pretty nutty.] “must;” The Song is You, Parker with Strings.

  53. Mark V. Basile says:

    I do quick clean-ups and checks after I BLOG or post DR, but check it Jessie — we do have Chicago Years, what the heck, it ain’t just the Jazz Medium and the Jazz Showcase, wink — I have The Song is You from about my best source Amazon at Bird’s Best Bop on Verve. Last I heard on Verve: STATE of the art. MB (Hi Lynn !!)

  54. So as regards one’s own article-blog offering — I mean man, this is what you are putting out to the public as a “producer” let alone visible to the public, as Mr.Cassidy in a somewhat diffucult to understand manner states, I hope you now see prior to total exhaustion of those of us with the wherewithall, the Martin Luther King, Reverand Jesse Jackson (here, in the Mayorals as a broker, now giving it a “good” shot with the Chicago Sun Times as columnist) producing the cleanest cut, top-level Law, Senate and Ambassadorship candidacy of Ms.Carol. OUR, Lady Liberty for a season.
    Mark V. Basile. Essayist and Playwright. Chicago Metro. 10/11.

  55. Hi Lynn. ‘Darling of DC !!’ MB.

  56. For the Ladies:

    In as this Web site has been removed/replaced with my name still leading you into/and now replaced, I need chastise the sponsor, who appears not to be Austin Cassidy with some sort of Republican dealings that I would recommend the Florida Republican Party Establishment put to a bit of questioning, but the author Darcy.
    You see he took out my follow-up, which you know I do for you when I find something kind of fresh or generative as regards Zelda Fitzgerald. The “reviews” are very good on Zelda !! Little gem in the 20’s, eh? Moreover, I have strong cites that her “ideas” were primary to F. Scott’s in Tender is the Night. So that goes at least tandem, husband-wife “team” as regards Gatsby. But if Fitzgerald was just ripping off his wife and hanging on to her to party, spose she was a good l_, and you know there wasn’t a single male except for the working class which married for love that didn’t think that way up until almost 1980 when things settled in — indeed, do we have suspicions concerning the mother lode? Hemmingway and Fitzgerald, that’s all there is around that period where they ‘just cut the mustard,’ and got to “the public.”

  57. EFFRONTERY !! Carol at Carol for Mayor 2010/2011 being hard-driving taken to task for being “poor,” as in just cutting the line between being in the Red and being in the Black at ambassadororganics. Her company, inspired by living and farming experiences with her Grandmother in the South. You know, Plessey v. Ferguson 1896/98 and the Jim Crow Langston Hughes was screaming at FDR about as the lot of Black soldiers simply remaining untouched as they returned from WWII. Cf: Tuskeegee Airmen.
    As we watched the dosie do and ‘waltz’ of Clinton Cabinet member William Daley out of Chase/David Rockefeller/JP Morgan — who in the name of G_d knows who owns this monster. Some 300 companies firmly “interlocked” by at least 1880, so we have a little ‘finance.’ (This has all been laid out before and more or less contemporaneous, ‘the machine’ if you’re from these parts — hint, hint — doesn’t seem to care much, not even the ritual Teflon Don style of some middie getting indicted and going to jail every six months — like a clock — as long as “business as usual” was not interrupted, City Hall and otherwise)
    We used Plunkett of Tammany Hall, which Teddy Roosevelt tried to do a bit about early on. (Boss Tweed? Was that an uncoveredpolitics Independent thought style person?)
    Two problems; we ran ‘blocs,’ and prominent in the background of the runner-up at 22% was a person who actually was only half Hispanic, Gery Chico. A Daley former Chief of Staff.Something about Ed Burke in the mix, just in case our 45% combined broke through. So you see, what’s left of Carol brokered with Victor Reyes and Martin Sandoval, Cicero-Chicago-Springfield, are a little sore hereabouts Ms. Anita, attorney at law, inter alia — we all have WIKI’s. Got the date at March for the primaries; also put on the screen at 2 sites the obvious double Head of IVI-IPO of Toni Preckwinkle. No go, screwey dollie. Toni was status quo, smoothed as glass by both degrees to Masters out of Rockefeller founded University of Chicago. They kinda let things go to be competitive, but are pretty d_ clear on who’s at the point. Happens I’m just some White Guy, but I did go to school: THE AGE OF REFORM. So point 2.
    ## If Daley/Daley with a time to time change of “face,” — Bilandic, Byrne, Axelrod instant – face of Elections 2008, with Daley again instantaneously to Chief of Staff; little “seamless ??” what kind of Democrat is 100% locked out (except for an intern or tokenism) from the decades’ DEMOCRATIC “status quo?”
    I can’t keep track. Wets and dries, Cermak a real reform Mayor shot dead under impossible circumstances, 1945 on the absolute nose Joseph P. and Sargent Shriver buy out the biggest building in the world Shy Town Central — Liebensraum at the most manifest we don’t care whatsoever (Pearl) so these bootlegeese waltz into town. Bully. Eh, read your Nkhrumah, friend “Camelot.” Your cousin seems to have, no big pay-off TV anchor payoffs, wrote a book about her mother. Happened across it but haven’t had the time. I happen to know she “has the Library,” so I do not know a single detrimental word, myself, about Jacqueline or the Bouviers.
    As often, letting you know of something out there, haven’t got at it. MB

  58. How many times has it happened?
    Right on the minimize at copy, with the ‘Lady thing’ still a part of the modus operandi, as the very strong “word” is, no head of Law Review nohow, if he didn’t flat out ‘play the race card’ with the CONSERVATIVES. And that was the news behind the news, in addition to a probably swiftboat of a Harvard Law in the Democratic Primaries –/– in Illinois of a fellow who played it straight, didn’t go through loopholes various which Harvard had still at the time, but I believe these mainly had to do with inequities in payments schedules and being able to reasonably pay at all rahter than ‘bad admissions.’ Hard to keep track of University interior structures year by year, but I had direct access to University Staffing Ratings at 1980, being staff at #1 Public. (It’s not just on my G-, I got it to a couple NLU-international — as we happened to lose [76] faculty and staff for unclear reasons about the time of the end of the Chicago Mayorals. #4 in United States in student body ‘diversity,’ US NEWS and World Report. With old University of Chicago News room down, a litle “hot,” social science and moving on #1 [Chicagoland] in journalism. I’m Midwest, as an Emmy playwright recently with National Stardust (Nicole in my completed MS/staff file having enjoyed together on June 6 with my brother — Medill Adjunct, didn’t ask what happened to Sue Fox Pulitzer on staff but was ‘told’ Pulitzer on-staff Ira Berkow had returned to where Dr. Joanne’s husband used to take taxi rides with Kurt Vonnegut — the Iowa School) — that is obviously my boss Dr. Joanne had to go to Florida to accept her award for Stardust) I told my boss let’s not bother Missouri. Paul: “gimme that Thorstein Veblen … my organization is hot on Jane Addams.” At Italiana, sic. Guess who got my collector’s on-floor No Exit allusive? Place of residence, 4 blocks from Dr. Joanne. 2 train stops Loyola Catholic, “roar” shattered the Archdiocese from Cardinal George 3-4 days ago. Chicago Sun Times. B. Wave, on her notes, Gerard Caspary – intellectual history and theology, evolutions in perceptions and presentations: Carrying the Wood, Calvary and the Warrior Christ. Cal: I sat “directly” next to her and watched her take the notes for both of us. “Black Pete,” head of the Jugglers had come out to join as colleague with Gerard Caspary in Theology, Mary’s closest friend, a nun in classes, would say “Hello.”
    BLOG — that is, there is a re-reference to Harvard JD/MA. One whisper about Liddie?

    (‘Liddy. Partner. Head of Party in Government. BLOG.) Elizabeth, continued.

    Oxford post-graduate, JD/MA Harvard, Chair National Senatorial Committee, 2 Cabinet Head posts: Head of American Red Cross.

    “In 1967 she worked for a public interest law firm representing poor clients. In April 1968 she took a job in President Lyndon [Baines] Johnson’s White House, in the Office of Consumer Affairs …” POLITICS …

    1936. Salisbury, North Carolina. Enrolled hometown Duke, fall of 1954.

    “ … joked that while her future husband was voting against the Great Society, she was working for it. At HEW she planned a large conference on education of the deaf.” CNN.

    See also: Cosmopolitan, 1/86, Vanity Fair, 4/87, Current biography 1983, The New Yorker, 1/22/96, “Unlimited Partners,” Time, 7/1/96, WIKI, up-to-date, USA TODAY, 7/15/96 (“without Cathleen P. Black, married THOMAS E. HARVEY, USA Today likely would have failed.” Neuharth, USA Today founder, Black, Publisher, 1980’s, and also on behalf of “Cathleen P. Black to serve as New York City School’s Chancellor…” see “letter:” Hon. Edward I Koch, Hon. David N. Dinkins, Hon. Rudolph W. Giuliani. November 16, 2010.)

    MVB. 12/5/10. Essayist and Playwright.
    (If an angel could fit through the eye of a needle Deb/50-sitting?)

  59. It’s the Headder and or the Lede, Darcy, not really that the facts or BLOG line may be carried on an alternative tag or link line. So let’s go to “logic” first. I said in alternate forums that I challenge ONE SINGLE STUDENT of my 150 at #1 Public Grad Cal to support any sort of discussion that I was a Republican. (And have had full Cambridge/Harvard, Ohio with yours be Florida-based, Austin at Jacksonville being able to marshall Hightower to comment among other people/issues along with a “real” braintrust in the media, Alexander Cockburn). Go ahead, even make an argument that I was an “Independent,” I’ll let that slide though, as if anybody who happened to be paying attention, in that I had a gal, saw me auditing with an undergraduate friend whose Harvard and Yale parents and lead China Lobby, and simply moving out evening regular drinking a bit down to Oakland upon my transitioning to graduate, OK — Egbert Souse’s was one place I could walk to otherwise — with Hobie a grandson of a California Supreme Court Justice and a turn-of-the-century Great Lakes descendent whose family mansion is now a showpiece for the University of Minnesota. As such, with their fle’s, we continued until the last week in 1983 before I scrammed that forum, when the 5 of them
    came by “B. Wave’s” apartment and got me up to go out and play frisbee. Karen had a major Bay area newspaper/magazine article at some time upon her graduation, but that’s as far as I will go on names. But one year later, there she was at my Illinois residence with her usual gal-pal — I have a clue how Karen and D. got my address. We went to Howard Johnson’s because Boone and ‘me’ had scouted it out, by the expressway with it median El for direct dumping into O’Hare, and I explained to her that even though Wave had stayed back almost a year in Berkeley/San Francisco, she had returned and we had a November or December date. OK, the dynamic duo got it, we went to an aunt of D.’s down the street somewhat, she was a nun and I had no question whatsoever, so if you see ’em with name tags on — double hometown status. D. had a couple of immediate personal tragedies, by the way, including the loss of a great acquaintance of mine, Carlos Cruz, interestingly flat-out excellent as an undergraduate sociologist and a take-over-the floor free style dancer. “Crusin’ with Carlos,” we did a couple of editions in the dorm “Synthetic You” w/ out ultra-graphics and covers by Tom, he did “rot-scapes.” Dr. Peter Lewis went on to Princeton in Development Studies, he got a ride; had him around, so Corey and me checked him out for content (Cal./Rhetoric/PhD) and said, ‘let it go,’ it’s what’s on the page, not Vladimir Lenin every third thought in that L.A. “Cell” transfer of some sort, who brought his Mom down from either Scarsdale (for my 23rdstpublishing.c pen-pals) or Village where [they] decided to “retire.” [“Join the Navy??, though I’m sure about “YMCA.” Wave like the Indian, I liked the COP !! ‘Really’ belted it out.] and the Lewises had about 10 graduates out for lunch — on his Mom of course, you can imagine that she gave him just enough money to eat and matriculate as a student, ref. kinda clear above. But those were college days, Lewis had a personal friend out of that Commie cell in Las Angelas, who up and on his own decided that brainwashing and being tolerated but virtual utter pariahs (the 60’s were long gone, at any rate) in the neighborhoods, whether or not they opened their mouths on the stuff in public, came up to join his best friend Peter around my neck of the woods — [Mike] wasn’t a student.So we let him hang around with us, pretty much when he wanted, he would be regular but tell us stories from time to time of what it was like to spend several years of your life with people of like minds: “nuts.” We enjoyed Mike, so at one point of time –apparently — he wanted to show us just how flat out crazy that sort of True Believer when in a group setting was. Mike was in the middle of some sort of story he was telling us, haven’t a clue now, and he “slams” his fist down on the table and inveighs: “Stalinism.” One word, “very” loud voice. We laughed so hard, we could barely stand it. I’m not going to say anything more and just leave your site a college joke from the good personal friend of a Princeton PhD in Development Studies. (He got a job at a very small college also; the Universities were totally “clogged” at the time, Ch_ist, Lynnie who got the overseas Fulbright, who did have me by w/ instructions to bring a bottle of wine with academic materials but caught on when I got there that I actually was with [Gerard Caspary’s] “Wave,” ended up in Calif. a lifer, nowhere in the vicinity of the only two that “cut it” and put out anything of any value thereabouts, Cal Berkeley and UCLA (their – little engine that “could” — I knew “all” internal Faculty ratings and socio- field adjustments, I was Staff.))

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