About Uncovered Politics

Uncovered Politics proudly covers Republicans, Democrats and those working outside the major parties with an emphasis on the stories that most other media outlets overlook.  The site was founded in May of 2010 by Darcy G. Richardson and Austin Cassidy.


Darcy RichardsonDarcy G. Richardson is the author of nine books covering American political history.  Richardson’s books on American history and politics — one of which earned an Outstanding Academic Title (OAT) from scholarly Choice magazine in 2005 — were cited in Newsweek’s “What You Need to Read” section in July 2010.

Long active in progressive politics, Richardson has rubbed shoulders with some of the best-known political figures of the past three decades.  In addition to managing one of the late Minnesota Senator Eugene J. McCarthy’s campaigns and serving as a senior advisor in another, Richardson ran for Pennsylvania Auditor General in 1980 and for the U.S. Senate eight years later on the Philadelphia-based Consumer Party ticket.  In 2012, he briefly offered himself as a protest candidate in several Democratic presidential primaries and currently serves as chair of the Peace & Freedom Party of Florida.

A resident of Jacksonville, Richardson has been quoted in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and has written numerous articles for a wide range of publications.  He has also been a guest on several nationally-syndicated radio talk shows, ranging from the progressive “Thom Hartmann Show” to Joseph Farah’s conservative “WorldNetDaily Radioactive” program.

Darcy can be reached via email at darcy@uncoveredpolitics.com



afcassidyAustin is the former publisher of The Jacksonville Observer.   He spent several years active in state and local Republican politics in Florida and was the founder of Third Party Watch, and a co-founder of Independent Political Report.

In 2006, Cassidy was elected to the Duval County Soil and Water Conservation Board, a nonpartisan county-wide office.  He received over 90,000 votes and nearly 54% in that winning campaign.  In 2011, Cassidy left the GOP and officially joined the Libertarian Party.

Cassidy has been a guest on local and national radio programs, including a nationally aired panel discussion on public radio from the 2008 Republican convention.   He has been quoted as a political expert in articles for The Hill,  the Press of Atlantic City, the Portland Oregonian, and many others.

Austin can be reached via email at austin@uncoveredpolitics.com