Results of Today’s Presidential Balloting at the Constitution Party Convention

As we reported earlier in the day, former Congressman Virgil Goode has won the Constitution Party’s nomination for President.  We had heard that Goode captured 203 votes, one more than the 202 that he needed.

According to Ballot Access News, here are the full results from the first (and only) round of balloting:

203 for Virgil Goode
120 for Darrell Castle
58 for Robby Wells
15 for Susan Ducey
6 for Laurie Roth
1 person abstained

Castle is the party’s former Vice-Presidential nominee, running with pastor Chuck Baldwin in 2008.   Well liked by the party’s rank-and-file, Castle mounted a surprise last-minute challenge to Goode at the convention.

Robby Wells is the former head football coach from Savannah State University.  He received a $240,000 settlement last year in exchange for dropping a federal discrimination lawsuit.

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