David Walker, Don’t Waste My Time

David Walker

Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, a member of the Americans Elect Advisory Board, has been making some noise about a third party bid for President.

Walker’s involvement with Americans Elect and as a founder of the No Labels group, an anti-partisanship entity, suggests that he wants to see someone from the political center wage a general election campaign.   Maybe even the man he sees in the mirror every morning when he’s brushing his teeth.

Last week, the former Comptroller issued the following ridiculous and unprompted statement to the media, in which he is supposedly denying his own interest in running for President.

“Reports in the media have mentioned an effort to draft me as a candidate for President through the Americans Elect (AE) process, and I want to clarify my position. I am aware of this recent independent movement to draft me, which is an initiative by people who evidently share my views regarding the need for fiscal, political and other major reforms to keep America great. Importantly, their effort is unrelated to the Comeback America Initiative (CAI), No Labels, and AE organizations.

“While I appreciate and am humbled by their efforts, I am not a candidate and don’t expect to become one. Rather, I am focused on my many responsibilities, including serving as CEO of the non-partisan CAI, as a national co-founder of No Labels, and as a member of AE’s Board of Advisors.”

The release, of course, created a little bit of media attention where before there was almost none.

Still trying to lay low, I guess, Walker then spoke about the prospect of his own candidacy Monday as a guest on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd.

“I’m not a candidate now,” Walker told the host. “I don’t expect to be a candidate but there is an independent draft committee that’s been formed for me.”

What I find most laughable about the Draft Walker effort is how cloyingly coy Walker is being about the prospect of becoming a candidate.

Watching someone try to awkwardly draft himself for President is one of the least confidence inspiring things you can imagine.  Walker went on to tell Todd that the “movement” trying to draft him is made up of “young people, contrary to the rumors saying that it’s driven by Wall Street.”

Let’s be straight.  There are no swirling rumors, Wall Street is perfectly happy with the two candidates they’ve already purchased for the general election.  There is, as yet, no great mass of “young people” are clamoring for an almost unknown technocrat to run for President.  The bottom-line is that either David Walker is interested in running for President and wants you to support him in the Americans Elect primary, or he’s a painfully boring version of Donald Trump and just enjoys the attention of being mentioned in the press from time to time.

Mr. Walker, you could be a formidable candidate for President.  If you think this country needs new leadership and a new direction, and if you think you are capable of adding something to the debate by being a candidate yourself, then stand up and announce yourself as such. 

If not, please don’t waste my time.


  1. Cry me a river.

    What’s really funny about all of this is the conspiracy theory garbage people like you have been vomiting all over the place. You and I have talked before, and I volunteer to run Draft Walker’s Twitter and Facebook… I’m on the inside, and we haven’t heard anything from Walker that he hasn’t said on the news. I wish he was helping us, but that vague stuff in the news is making our already next to impossible job even harder.

    And yes, we’re a young bunch. I’m the oldest, and I’m 32. I think all of the others are either in college or have been out for 3 years or less. And he’s right about those stupid rumors. All sorts of idiotic conspiracy theories are being spun about us right now.

    Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and grow up.

    • Austin Cassidy says:

      We’ve talked before? I don’t remember it.

      I think you mis-read my piece. I’m not saying Walker is pondering a run as part of some conspiracy. I’m saying he’s trying to pretend like there’s a grassroots movement (not a couple of people) who are crying out for him to enter the race.

      He’s the one generating all the attention, not the “Draft” group.

  2. “Average Joe” Schriner, Independent For President 2012.

    Only one Candidate in this election is a true “man of the people.” Only one man is against all forms of institutionalized killing: War, Abortion, Capital Punishment, Euthanasia. And yet, he also favors healthcare for all (implemented at the local level) and better educational opportunities for our youth. Only one individual in this race has traveled America seeking common-sense remedies to our problems at little or no cost to the American Taxpayer. Only Joe Schriner will be both an “Activist President” and an advocate for Community, State, and Local Government solutions. Solutions that local communities throughout America have proven to work in helping the environment, ending homelessness, offering access to quality healthcare for all, and cutting government waste.

    Support Joe for President on Americans Elect: http://www.americanselect.org/profile-candidate/369630/topic-answer.

    Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360454244006675/.

    Visit Joe at http://voteforjoe.com.

    Live streaming podcast at: http://averagejoe2012.tumblr.com.

    Videos: http://youtube.com/JoeSchriner

    • Austin Cassidy says:

      If you want to talk about a gigantic waste of time, no one is a bigger waste of time than “Average Joe”

      Has he EVER appeared on ANY ballot for President?

      He’s just a crazy person who says “I’m running for President” every four years and then does nothing to advance himself towards actually being a real candidate.

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