South Carolina Greens to Hold Convention, Eight Delegates at Stake

The South Carolina Green Party will be holding their state convention in Columbia this weekend, meeting on Saturday at the Al-Amir Restaurant.

Presidential candidate Jill Stein will be speaking at the event, as well as Farheen Hakeem, one of the party’s most successful candidates in recent history and a surrogate for the Rosanne Barr Presidential campaign. Delegates to the SC GP convention will be electing 8 delegates to represent the party at the national Green Party’s convention.

Currently Stein holds a lead of 62 to 11 delegates over Barr, with 201 delegates needed to capture the Green nomination.

The South Carolina Greens will also nominate their 2012 slate of Congressional and state candidates. At the congressional level, Jeff Sumerel is seeking the party’s nomination for District 4, and Nammu Muhammed is seeking their nomination for District 6. At the state level, Scott West will be asking for the nomination in State Senate District 20, Joseph Martin for State House District 24, Walid Hakim for State House District 88, and Larry Carter Center for State House District 114.

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