As Campaign Draws to a Close, Some Supporters Rally to ‘Keep Newt In’

Nearly 2,000 supporters of Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign have joined a rapidly growing Facebook group called “Keep Newt In” that seeks to convince the former Speaker to stay in the GOP race.  But their efforts, including an attempt to organize a fundraising drive to help keep Gingrich viable into next week’s primaries in North Carolina and West Virginia, are unlikely to bear fruit.   All signs point to either a suspension of the Gingrich campaign or an outright withdrawal from the race in the next few days.

After suffering a lop-sided defeat in Delaware’s primary on April 24, Gingrich continued forward with a week of events in North Carolina while he reassessed the path forward. Following those campaign stops, many of which looked more like personal sightseeing tours at various zoos and museums, Gingrich returned to Washington to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner.

No further campaign events have been scheduled, according to the campaign website.  Additionally, the Speaker and his wife Callista have been unusually quiet on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  At least, until late Monday evening when Callista Gingrich tweeted out this picture with the message @newtgingrich records a special message for our supporters.”

The fact that Gingrich appeared to be recording the message shortly before midnight has lead some diehards to speculate the Gingrich has changed his mind and this is his message to encourage his supporters to keep fighting.  More likely, this is something that will be released on Facebook or Twitter following a more official announcement of the end of the campaign, which Fox News is now reporting will take place on Wednesday.

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