Geoff Neale Elected Chairman of the Libertarian Party

Today Geoff Neale of Texas was elected Chairman for the National Libertarian Party at its nominating convention in Las Vegas.

Geoff Neale, a software architect, also served as Chairman for the party from 2002 to 2004. He served five terms on the Libertarian National Committee and is a former Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Texas.

After both declared candidates Mark Hinkle and Mark Rutherford were eliminated due to high counts for None of the Above (NOTA), Neale won with 264 (62%) in the 6th round of balloting. None of the Above (NOTA) finished second with 159 votes (37%).

“2012 may be the party’s best year ever. Through our Libertarian candidates, we’ll offer voters a real choice for small government, freedom, prosperity and peace,” said Neale.

Lee Wrights of Texas, who finished second in the nomination for president and who declined to be nominated for the position of Chairman, was elected Vice Chairman.

Tim Hagan of  Nevada was elected Treasurer and Ruth Bennett of Arizona was elected Secretary. Five at large members were also elected: Bill Redpath of Virginia, Michael Cloud of Nevada, Starchild of California, Arvin Vohra of Maryland and Wayne Root of Nevada.

One Comment

    Democrat donkey;
    Republican elephant;
    Introducing the
    Libertarian Lion
    and slogan:
    We Roar For You!
    I’d like to get “votes” for approval of mascot by how many people will agree to buy a stuffed lion wearing a t-shirt with the slogan.
    I’ll pay for first run (1000?).
    How soon can I get an ad into LP news?
    Or can I buy one-time use of LP email list?
    or suggestions?
    100% of proceeds donated.
    Dagny Sharon
    561 482 3038

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