Roemer Reacts to Americans Elect Decision

“Well, it looks like they pulled the plug on the rabbit,” Buddy Roemer told Uncovered Politics moments after Americans Elect announced that it was ending its nominating process.

“I feel like a guinea pig, but I understand why they did it,” explained the former Louisiana governor.   Roemer said he was grateful for the opportunity to seek the organization’s presidential nomination — a prize that originally meant ballot access in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

A candidate needed 10,000 “clicks” of support (with a minimum of at least 1,000 in each of ten states) to qualify for the Americans Elect online nominating process.  Some candidates, including former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and Boston University economics professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff, needed five times that number to qualify.  Roemer, who has been campaigning for the presidency almost non-stop for seventeen straight months, was the closest to reaching that elusive goal, garnering nearly 6,300 supporters by early Thursday afternoon.

Despite his disappointment at today’s development, Roemer has no immediate plans to end his quest for the presidency.

“We’ll take a couple of days to reassess the campaign,” said Roemer, 68, who has steadfastly maintained that he was “running to win.”  The Harvard-educated banker and small businessman said that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of putting together a coalition candidacy that would include the nearly-defunct Reform Party and a number of other ballot-qualified third parties around the country.

The Reform Party, founded in the aftermath of Ross Perot’s 1992 independent bid for the White House, has encouraged Roemer to stay in the hunt.

“It is our hope that, regardless of what happens with Americans Elect, Gov. Roemer will continue to seek the Reform Party’s nomination,” party chairman David Collison told Uncovered Politics last week.   “We believe that having more credible choices at our nominating convention, and more choices at the ballot box, are critical steps to change the political direction of our nation toward real reform.”

The Reform Party will hold its national convention in Philadelphia Aug. 10-12.


  1. Carol & Jerry Loverink says:

    Awesome Governor Roemer. Glad to hear you are looking into other options. Sorry you have to start yet again. The other two candidates are still going, you can too. Very disappointed AE pulled the plug, you were on a good climb. America needs you, and 2 of us here aren’t giving up our vote for you. Write in if we need to. Thank you for working so hard for us.

  2. Carol Loverink says:

    Glad to hear you are looking into other options Governor Roemer. But sorry you have to start yet again. The other two candidates are still campaigning, you can too. America needs you, you are the only one talking truty and giving viable solutions. Thank you for working so hard for us.

  3. Every vote does NOT count! AE is a sham organization that hid it’s rules from most registered AE voters (at least 90%) in a document buried on their website. Most AE voters were expecting to vote on the day of the ‘caucus’ votes but AE close the voting on those days instead, assuming every knew their hidden rules!

    This was a project designed to fail and the AE registered voters, including myself and hundreds of thousands of others who planned to vote on primary day will not soon forget that this process designed by the ‘tops’ in AE was a failed hedge by the ‘leaders’ to find a candidate from the ‘vital center’ of moderates who would forge a ‘bipartisan’ ticket to remedy the bibartisan divide. Unfortunately, the divide is not the problem. The problem is neither party leadership is interested in fundamental reforms for the better. What was needed was, in fact, a Roehmer-Anderson ticket because these two men were the only true radical reformers in the bunch that ‘declared’ their candidacies. The rest of the ‘drafts’ were a sideshow meant not to happen.

  4. What’s the point? Buddy Roemer still has the ability to deceive trusting voters who are attracted to his strong powers of speaking and persuasion, but all doors to the land of relevance have closed.

    Even now, he finds himself unable to state the truth. He lives in a fantasy world. He claims he obtained nearly 6300 of the 10,000 votes necessary to qualify as an AE candidate. That is false by a factor of two. Of the paltry 6300 supporters at AE, only about one-half were from the 10 states from which he received the most votes. AE required 1000 votes from each of 10 states = 10,000. Roemer only received one-half of his support from those ten states, so he would have needed 20,000 + supporters to garner 1000 votes in each of those ten states.

    What if he wins the Reform Party nomination? He will be on the ballot in only 7 states or, perhaps, a few more. This will not be enough to win anything. It will only be enough to possibly (although unlikely) act as an election spoiler — taking a few votes away from Obama or Romney and giving a swing state to the less-favored of the two. How would that help America?

    Roemer promises he will not be a spoiler. He says that if it appears, one month before the general election, that he does not have a realistic chance of winning the presidency, he will drop out. He does not have to wait to make that decision. Right now it is impossible for him to win. He has no realistic chance that anything will change. His promise is a fraud.

    Roemer has a history as a failed politician who is an effective speaker but has no ability to run a government. He was elected governor of Louisiana on big talking promises, but was so bad as a governor that he could not be re-elected and has been unable to be elected to any office since then.

    Roemer should retire and allow some honest, non-politicians to have the podium at the Reform Party. They will not have a chance of winning, but will learn about the process and may begin a career in politics that will help America rather than help an old dog play his worn-out tricks.

    Go to the following web page and read the comments of “Say Amen.” Read the citations that have been assembled there. They are excellent sources of information about Buddy Roemer, written by independent, objective, and reliable journalists and historians.

  5. NobodyAskedMe...But says:

    Buddy Roemer is a failed politician who has already proved to be unable to run a government or even run a campaign. But he is an excellent advocate. He’s a big talker but little doer. So what should he do? Should he continue to seek the presidency by running on the Reform Party ticket? What’s the point?

    He can’t win and will not even be on the ballot in more than 7 states +/- a few. Dead end.

    He should “Accentuate the Positive” (thank you, Johnny Mercer). He has done well on political talk shows, like “Morning Joe.” That is where he should focus his effort. Bow out gracefully from seeking political office, thanking everyone with sincere humility, and then hire an agent to get him onto the political pundit platform.

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