PPP Survey Shows Gary Johnson Polling at 9% in Arizona

A new poll out from Public Policy Polling shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President, with 9% of the vote in Arizona.   This follows other PPP surveys that have shown Johnson polling similarly well — high single digits — in states like Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina.  The only state where Johnson has cracked into double-digits thus far is New Mexico.

The poll asked voters: “If the candidates for President this year were Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who would you vote for?”

And the results showed likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney with a slight lead over President Obama.

Mitt Romney (R) …………….. 45%
Barack Obama (D) …………… 41%
Gary Johnson (L) ……………. 9%
Undecided …………………….. 6%

Johnson scored 15% support among voters aged 30-to-45 and was at 13% among all male voters.

To secure a spot in the national debates this fall, the Johnson campaign will need to lift their polling numbers above 15% in a series of recognized national surveys.


  1. What is CNN’s, Rasmussen’s and Gallup’s beef with excluding Gary Johnson from their polls. Obviously he is polling at a margin far higher than their margin or error.

  2. I recently wrote to PPP and asked that they begin including Gov. Johnson in their polls. I am appreciative that they have begun doing so. Certainly it is an uphill climb for Gary, but if given proper access to the democratic election process, i.e. ballot access, public debate, polling, and media coverage, citizens will come to recognize him as a candidate who offers a responsible alternative to the current two-party system.

  3. Gallup and Rasmussen exist to serve the Democratic-Republican-Corporate Political Complex.
    Gary Johnson doesn’t fit in to their model of the political universe.

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  8. Dennis McKinley says:

    I do not know of anyone that has been in a recognized national survey, so who is being asked? It does not look like Libertarians are included in these surveys, so how do I get asked?

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