Texas Secretary of State Reports Highly Questionable Vote Totals in Democratic Primary

The results are mostly in from Tuesday’s primary in Texas, all but 4 precincts are reporting according to the Secretary of State, but something doesn’t look quite right.

Suggesting either intentional manipulation or gross incompetence, the reported vote totals in many of the state’s smaller counties on the Democratic side simply don’t pass the smell test.  Take, for instance, Yoakum County.   On the Republican side, a total of 1,070 votes were cast and Romney carried the county with 66%.  On the Democratic side, no one voted.  Yes, you read that right, not a single vote was reported.  According to the Texas Secretary of State, both of Yoakum’s precincts have reported in and no one voted.

It’s not just Yoakum County, it’s all across the state.  In Ochiltree County, the Secretary of State shows 10 votes in the Democratic primary and 1,486 votes in the Republican primary.   It’s a heavily Republican county, no doubt, but 122 Democrats went to the polls there in 2008’s primary.

Briscoe County reports 23 Democratic votes, down from 274 in 2008.

In Lynn County, Darcy Richardson and Barack Obama tied with 2 votes each, John Wolfe got 1 vote.   So that’s 5 votes in a county where 647 Democrats voted in 2008?

The Democratic turnout in some of these counties isn’t just low, it’s downright suspicious.  Winkler County, another one where both precincts have been listed as fully reported and we have ZERO votes, down from 366 in 2008!   You’re telling me that the people working the polls on Election Day didn’t even vote?

Apparently no Democrats voted in Kimble County, either… a place where almost 300 Democrats voted in 2008.

These are just random examples I’ve found, as Texas requires you to look at each county’s returns one at a time.

Almost 200 people voted in the Democratic primary in Sherman County back in 2008.  This time around, we had a three-way tie with Obama, Wolfe and Richardson each polling 1 of the 3 total votes reported by the county.   Three votes!

With a U.S. Senate primary, numerous Congressional races and many local elections also on the ballot, these numbers are just too strange to ignore.


  1. William Saturn says:

    I believe Texas didn’t repeat West Virginia and Arkansas for three reasons: turnout was extremely low because the primary had been delayed so many times and was held the day after Memorial Day; voters were more interested in the Cruz vs. Dewhurst Republican Senate nomination race than either presidential race (explains the discrepancy with the 2008 numbers when Operation Chaos was in effect); and unlike in West Virginia and Arkansas, the majority of Texas voters do not identify with the Democratic Party on a local basis. I honestly do not believe the results were fraudulent.

    • Austin Cassidy says:

      How can you possibly explain the numerous counties where no one voted in the Democratic primaries? The chairman of the Democratic party in that county didn’t even bother to vote?

      Or the numerous counties where turnout was down by 98% or 99%… or where the only votes reported were “early votes”? Not one person showed up on Election Day?

      It doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. William Saturn says:

    With the exception of Winkler, all of the counties without votes that you cited in the article, don’t have county chairs. See http://www.txdemocrats.org/people/county-parties/#W the County Chair for Winkler County is Barbara Sabonya, her contact info is listed in the link. You can personally ask her why no one voted in the primary in her county.

    If there was fraud in these small counties, I’m sure someone will come forward, wondering why their voted wasn’t counted. I suspect that many Democrats voted in the Republican primary or didn’t vote at all.

    How do these results compare with the 2010 primary?

  3. Trent Hill says:

    I suspect Saturn is right. This isn’t vote fraud, it’s just complete disinterest. Most Democrats likely voted in the GOP primary–since the Democratic primaries in Texas held absolutely nothing of interest.

  4. Austin Cassidy says:

    There now appear to be 12 counties in which not a single Democrat went to the polls on Election Day or early voted…


    I’m not saying it’s fraud, I’m just saying it’s really weird. I usually assume incompetence before fraud, anyway.

  5. Something really weird was that I was watching vote totals live on Politico and had just told John Wolfe he was at 11.5% with 19,000+ votes and then it
    dropped to around 5% with 10,000+ votes – now I guess that couldve been something going on that site but still had me wondering because that was a huge drop in voter totals

  6. Tennessean says:

    How can you guys just automatically rule out fraud here? Zero Democratic voters in various counties? Zero? And then 1, 2 or 3 in others? Sounds like voter fraud to me!

    Check all the other Republican-run Red States and see if you don’t find suspicious activities there. They are working hard to steal the election in 2012 and I am sure they will succeed, especially when Democrats have the attitudes of these commenters!

    The Republicans are purging the voter rolls in Florida, deleting voter histories in Tennessee, and God knows what else they are doing!

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