Jill Stein Struggling to Beat the Clock for Matching Funds

With less than a month to go before Greens will gather in Baltimore to officially name a candidate, presumptive nominee Jill Stein is working overtime to qualify for federal matching funds. Unfortunately for the Green Party, Stein’s campaign is just passing the half-way point as the final hours tick off the clock.

According to the Stein campaign’s website, they’ve managed to secure the needed $5,000 in 10 of 20 states so far, with Texas on the verge of passing the threshold. But that’s where things start to get dicey. After Texas, there is a significant drop-off for the next 9 states on their targeted list. The 12th state on pace to cross the finish line would be North Carolina, however they have only raised about $2,700 of the $5,000 required. And it gets tougher from there on. In three of the top nine remaining states, Stein hasn’t even crossed the $2,000 mark yet.

While it’s still entirely possible that the Greens will win their battle for matching funds at the last minute, it will require a significant quickening of the pace in the remaining states. Further complicating matters is that only the first $250 of a person’s donation counts towards matching funds qualification. So it’s not simply a matter of finding one or two donors to max out to the campaign in each of these states, but perhaps needing ten or more new people in each state to give $250 each.

To give the push an added sense of urgency, the Stein campaign is currently conducting a “Double Your Green” push for donations that cautions a failure to finish the matching funds drive by June 30th could result in a delay of processing the funds and might cause the ticket to be unable to fund ballot access drives in some critical states.

To follow the progress of the Stein campaign towards winning matching funds, click here.


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