Rocky Anderson Selects Author, Ex-Gang Member as Running Mate

Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson reminded everyone he was still in the race yesterday, announcing the selection of Luis Rodriguez as his Vice-Presidential running mate on the nascent Justice Party ticket.

The Anderson campaign describes Rodriguez as “a leading Chicano writer, speaker, gang expert and interventionist, and activist for justice in urban peace, the arts, labor, and human rights.”   He is a co-founder of the Network for Revolutionary Change and he has published more than a dozen books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature.

“He’s been out there doing this really because of a personal commitment and an amazing heart,” Anderson told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Rodriguez was born in Texas along the U.S.-Mexico border. His parents moved to south-central Los Angeles when he was a boy. The youngster soon became tangled in gangs and drugs. He was also active in the Chicano and anti-war movements in the 1960s and ’70s.

After serving time in jail, Rodriguez became a community activist in and around Los Angeles. He began writing for area newspapers and eventually became editor of a revolutionary publication.

Anderson’s campaign is currently struggling to obtain ballot access in most states, having firmly secured only a handful of ballot lines thus far.  Anderson’s most critical test may be the planned August convention of the California Peace and Freedom Party.  While Anderson won the party’s non-binding primary in June, delegates at the PFP’s convention are free to nominate any candidate they wish.



  1. An unconventional pick for sure, however, I feel it reaches a broad spectrum of everyday Americans that have had to overcome personal, economic and educational obstacles to better their lives. Luis is an excellent role model during a time that young people really need them. He is proof that anyone can create a different life if their heart is in it and they work at it. Right now, so many young people as well as older voters are concerned that our government is out of touch with “real life.” Neither Rocky nor Luis were born with silver spoons in their mouths. They understand the value of working for what they attain. I am looking forward to watching this race. Rocky has my vote. His platform is sensible and benefits the all the people of this country, not just a select elite. You can check out the Anderson/Rodriguez platform at

  2. Leo O'Brien says:

    Exposure is the key element here. I truly believe if Rocky had the same amount of exposure as the two main candidates, he would no doubt be in the lead right now. His message is superb and geared to the 99%. America needs Rocky to be its next Presiddent. The media plays the most important role in this election. We need a media that stands up to power, not for power.

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