Independent Greens Help to Put Virgil Goode on Virginia Ballot

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s nominee for President, was polling at 9% in his home state according to a survey released last week.

However, it seems that the ex-lawmaker has had to rely on significant help from the Independent Green Party of Virginia to secure enough petition signatures to win a spot on the November ballot.   The Independent Greens are not affiliated with the national Green Party that recently nominated Jill Stein for President.

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The party’s announcement…

Today the Indy Greens achieved another unmatched success for third parties in the commonwealth of Virginia. Along with Virgil Goode, and their Constitution Party allies, the Indy Greens collected 14,350 signatures for former congressman Goode to file for the ballot line for President in Virginia.

Independent Green Party Chairman, Joseph P. Oddo, “We are honored to work with a legend in Virginia politics. Virgil Goode first ran statewide in 1986. We respect Virgil’s service. We appreciate that Virgil Goode is for More Trains, Less Traffic to save american lives and create jobs.”

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