HELP WANTED: Any ‘Big L’ Libertarian Bloggers Out There?

This post is a bit “off topic” but I wanted to reach out to some of my friends within the Libertarian Party and the liberty movement as a whole.

Over the past few years sites like The Daily Paul have taken root as significant voices.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, this “Paul or Nothing” attitude is really limiting the growth of the Libertarian Party and the movement as a whole.  Thus far, Gary Johnson’s entire campaign has existed in the shadow of Ron Paul.

I believe there’s a need for an actively updated liberty movement blog that puts the Libertarian Party front and center, not this continued hero worship of Ron and Rand Paul.   And I’m curious if there’s anyone else out there who shares this belief.

Right now I am exploring the possibility of creating a “Big L” Libertarian blog which would feature multiple contributors.  Each author would get a share of the advertising revenue generated by the site, based upon the pageviews that their individual articles generate.  And there would be a set of basic quality-control ground rules to ensure we’re all working on a top notch product.

I am very close to acquiring what I believe is a really nice domain name for this project and the site’s design and mechanics can be completed within about a week’s time.  This is something that can be easily launched before the election cycle is over and can then be built over time to attract a significant and loyal audience.  While it’s not a requirement, it would be great to have some bloggers who are already experienced using WordPress, as that is the platform we’ll be using.

If this sounds like something that might appeal to you, drop me an email at with the following information:  Your name, why you’d like to be a part of this, and some kind of example of your past writing or blogging.

If there’s no real interest, that’s completely fine.   But if two or three qualified people step forward and want to participate, we’ll probably move forward pretty quickly.


  1. I write for the above blog, but I really report more than write. I tend to find articles about Libertarians and other third parties and post them. Frankly, I’ll be happy to post this appeal to our blog. Several of the writers and commenters there are excellent writers.

    I completely agree that we need to focus on active candidates and people who are able to push our movement forward. I love both Drs. Paul (one more than the other, and I’ll bet you can guess which one), but we need to focus now on Gary Johnson and other excellent Libertarians.

    Let me know if you’d like me to post this to Independent Political Report.

  2. I have a few hundred libertarian articles I’ve written here. check them out and see if you’d like my participation.

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