BREAKING: Obama Denied Unanimous Renomination

As we reported earlier this evening, President Barack Obama was polling just north of 50% of the vote over a pack of four lesser-known challengers like anti-abortion activist Randall Terry and author Darcy Richardson in the Oklahoma primary today.

Not only is the percentage embarrassing for the President, but because of the DNC’s delegate allocation rules it now appears that both Randall Terry and former Oklahoma U.S. Senate nominee Jim Rogers will win several delegates to the Democratic National Convention, likely denying Obama unanimous renomination in Charlotte.  Both candidates are on track to poll at least 15% statewide or in one of several congressional districts.

In fact, the President is actually losing several counties in Oklahoma to Terry and Rogers.

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UPDATE: More Democratic results…

Not only is Obama going to struggle to hit 55% in Oklahoma, in Massachusetts the President is beating uncommitted 88-12% statewide.  But if uncommitted goes over 15% then so-called uncommitted delegates will be awarded statewide.  In each Congressional district, the threshold is also 15% and as of this moment 18% of the vote in one Congressional district where 30% is counted is going uncommitted.

The same delegate allocation rules apply in Tennessee, where No Preference is polling over 17% in one Congressional district and 14% in another!

It’s possible that Rogers and Terry could snipe a collective 15 or so delegates in Oklahoma and another half-dozen or more could be elected uncommitted in Massachusetts and Tennessee.


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